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  1. Any suggestions for families with more than one wife? how can it be fair for both wives?
    jazakAllahu khair

  2. Masha Allah. Very nice article on keeping engaged with loved one’s. “All of your sincere efforts towards keeping your marriage healthy and alive in Ramadan will be rewarded, In sha Allah”. I really liked this point .

    Very true that, whenever Ramadan starts, everyone started himself getting busy. In the busy days keeping “Love alive ” very important to keep the “Love Forever ” till last breath with Loved One’s. As you said, doing most of the things together is very important.

    • Jazak’Allah khair for reading and commenting! Often times, when we think about Ramadan, we don’t make relationships a priority, but why not? Ramadan is a great time to bond with your spouse!

  3. Assalamu alaikkum sister..
    Masha allah! Very impressive contents. May Allah aid you throyghout insha allah.. let Him help us attain our goals this ramadan insha allah…

  4. MashaAllah. Lovely article. Doing everything with the intention to please Allah(swt) and striving together towards attaining Jannah is the best part
    . JazaakAllah for sharing such wonderful thoughts.

  5. All the material written by brother , I think from heart and so directly attack on heart. …..but one thing I m bit confused that how can I store all these matters which r not organised and scattered at so many places….this site is very important and should in book shape and not only by email. Jazakallah. ….also I m not clear abt time in India for webinar on sleep mang in ramzan although I already registered.

  6. Vry nice but iam divorce a vry bad experience of my marriage inshallah one day everything will be fine

  7. Vry nice but iam divorce a vry bad experience of my marriage inshallah one day everything will be fine in my life

    • In sha Allah Nahida, be positive and never lose hope on Allah (swt). Recite Astaghfirullah as much as possible. Things will be fine..In Sha Allah.

    • Jazak’Allah khair for reading and commenting sister! Ramadan is a great time to build strong bonds with anyone special in your life, i.e a friend, or family member! May you have a peaceful Ramadan filled with joy and love!

  8. MashaAllah a lovely post and very practical tips. My spouse is already very supportive, caring and loving Alhamdolillah. May Allah make our spouses and kids the coolness of our eyes. Ameen!

  9. Masha Allah! Wonderful article with great insights into personal bonding with spouses during the holy month of Ramadan.

  10. very nice post, my husband get angry easily on issues dt doesn’t call for anger, by allah i try to fufill my duties to him bt he’l stil find fault in me plz what can i do? may allah bless u

    • moomenah,

      If I could offer you some advice, a person who gets easily angered often has had some type of difficulties in his/her earlier life that have made them this way, it is possible that they have been let down a great deal in their younger days by a parent or other loved one which would result in anger at the very idea of being disappointed as an adult. It is often helpful to understand this and reflect on it so that you can both empathize with them and also remove the personalization from their angry episodes, basically, learn to tell yourself that while they are angry, it’s really not about you at all. Open communication during a period where your spouse is not angry is also extremely important… Let your spouse know that you truly aim for his happiness but you need for him to be open and clear with you so that you can do what it is that will make him happy. You should also take that opportunity to let him know what makes you happy, but remember to make it about YOU and not his shortcomings. You don’t want to say “your anger really hurts me”, rather give some positive statements like “it makes me so happy when….”. Men are mentally programmed to want to make us happy even if it’s not always evident, and feeing like they are failing is often a trigger to anger so be conscious of your wording and when addressing your own needs, make sure to note some examples of times he has made you happy with that specific behavior rather than pointing out his shortcomings which believe me, most human beings are already aware of whether they admit it or not.

  11. My husband gets annoyed. Does not want to help no kids together
    I’m a convert. I’m trying my best to under everything including praying I fasted. Just a couple days I’m new at it. tempers are not so good during Ramadan. He goes for all his prayers. Talks little with me then puts his lectures on his earphones shuts the light and that it
    What do I do with myself. He thinks there no interaction needed. I’m not asking to be in bed
    He tells me I don’t understand. Maybe I don’t. But I am 100 % sure. Fasting does not mean. Ignore your wife
    I have feelings. Seems like he’s pushing me away
    Please help. Am I losing my marriage?