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  1. Selamun aleykum,

    What a great news.

    Will it be available on podcast platforms like, sticher, sticher or iod podcast app?

    • Salamu alleikum wr wb!
      You can use the App called “podcast addict” on android to listen to this (and many more!) Podcasts In sha Allah!

    • Salams Arshad!
      I’m an android user too and luckily for us there are many alternatives to iTunes, including Stitcher Radio which has an app for android devices:

      Alternatively, if you prefer something else, here is list of other apps: Once you download them, go search for ‘Productive Muslim’ to find our podcast.

      I hope that helps. Let me know how it goes!

      – Mifrah

      • Thank you so much for the list. I found it on the Stitcher app, but was unable to find my other channels that I want to follow on there. I was able to find most of my other channels on Google Play though, but was unable to find Productive Muslim on Google Play. Has anyone had luck finding it on there or is it not there? I would just like one app to have all my subscriptions in one place.

        Jazakallahu khair :)

        • Hi Amaneh, you should be able to find us on Google play now. Otherwise you can get a podcast (search podcast app) and find all your posts in the same place. I personally use Pocketcasts on my android device for all my podcasts.