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  1. Mashaallah..fab advice cant wait for the sisters perspective. May Allah reward you guys with a very productive ramadhan and life, inorder to earn the highest level in jannah :) ameen

  2. Mashaallah .. the boards are for perspective Muslmans sisters. Allah reward the guy with Ramadan and very productive life, inorder to obtain the highest level objectives Paradise Fridaous may Allah listens.

  3. I never though about Ramadan as a race, as a marathon, but the fact is that it’s true. I’m amongst those who start faster at first and at the end barely have energy, this has been an eye-opener and I ask Allah to help me and all the Ummah to make this a productive Ramadan full of worship and Rahma.

  4. I never thought of the explanation of Ramadan to non muslim as the one in the interview. I can add that to my list of explanation of Ramadan. MashAllah it was very insightful and the whole interview was very beneficial jazakAllah