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  1. Wish it was as simple as that all the time! Must admit though, I love how this little guy does raf-‘al-yadayn in his prayer, lol.

  2. Jazakom Allaho Khayran ! what a magnificent video ! however, it would have been nicer if the guy in the Video went to Fajr Prayer in Mosque ! ^_^ :)

    • Salams,
      Not really…as Muslims we need to watch our Ecological footprint and Oil consumption so as for many of us going to a Musjid takes driving and in cold weater wasting oil and $$…it adds to misery. Keep things simple is better. Nice intention though :)

      • @ Lenviro – Actually, it’s the other way around… as Muslims (especially for Male Muslims) we should seek to pray in congregation. There are many hadeeth that enforce the importance of praying in congregation. If there are no mosques nearby, or the mosque is too far, (and if we’re truly concerned with Ecological footprint and Oil Consumption), why not build mosques/community centres nearby?

  3. Assalamalaikum,

    Frankly, I could not resist but smirk at myself. My daily routine is exactly the same as the red guy and I can tell you I am not the most productive guy in my office. Although I feel guilty about that I don’t do anything to change myself. Inshallah, this Ramadan I hope to change that situation. Mashallah, you guys are doing some awesome work here. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Jazak’Allah Khair