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  1. I would like to know, would it be better for one to learn to understand Arabic before they memorize the Quran? I am considering completing hifdh and so would like to know what would be recommended? Jzk.

    • AOA, any knowledge of Arabic helps, but it need not be a prerequisite. We have been learning Arabic as we go along (on our own Qur’aanic odyssey). There are of course many different schools of thought on this topic and different opinions wrt the age of the student (with a focus on comprehension emphasized on older students). My recommendation is that you identify a teacher with whom you wish to study and follow their lead IA. May AllahSWT help you in this decision and with your hifdh IA.

        • Salaam. Shukran for this valuable reference. May we all increase in our understanding IA and our application of the Noble Qur’aan.

      • Jazak Allah khair for replying. Currently I am still unsure of how to approach my desire to memorize the Quran.

        The reason why I wish to memorize the Quran is to have the holy scripture in my heart and also to be able to understand and live by the teachings of the Quran to a much higher degree. This is why I think for me it would be important to learn to understand the Quran, because I realize hifz is not just about memorizing the Quran. One would argue that the process of learning to memorize is easy, for the real challenge begins when you have to keep what you have learnt in your heart (by regularly reciting or else you will forget) and to apply the teachings to your own life. Allah knows best.

        I appreciate your suggestion about learning arabic as you go along. This would seem to be the best approach for a person who doesn’t know Arabic. However, the problem for me is that I am a medical student and my degree is very intense so I need to devote a lot of my time to learning medicine. Therefore, I am not sure if I will be able to find the time to learn Arabic as well as memorize the Quran.

        As a result, I think I would like to break the task down into components and learn Arabic first, then memorize the Quran. I am considering enrolling on a Quranic Arabic course and then see where that takes me inshaallah.