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  1. Thank you for using Social Media again – I found in my time study that I was wasting 30% of my day on technology not just social media and some of it is warranted for work and such and some is just distraction. To share with my sisters and brothers I have loaded on to the Chrome browers both a tomato pomodoro productivity add – in that blocks sites during productive work times and also a governing add-in called “stay focused” that only allows me so many minutes per day on the identified sites such as Facebook and Twittier – I disabled the notifications from Facebook on my computer and cannot see the updates in real time which distract me.
    Inshallah this will help with getting me more productive time and I will move to my smartphone next to put in controls.


  2. Hey sister thanks sharing your thoughts. I was in critical soft addiction just before 1 and half years ago . Now Alhamdulillah I can give away the all of addiction successfully.
    Really I can differentiate between those days and these days it’s an amazing decision to give away them and put productivity and reward in my wallet.
    May Allah give us all proper consciousness to make right choice.

  3. The ones I enjoyed the most
    1. Eating with Family Members
    2. Make a handmade card for my loved ones.
    The hardest one
    Make a presentation with my family members. I had to force them to do it a little.
    Why i am doing this detox
    I have a lot i need to improve on and that include my personality and many more.

    Jazakillahi Kharyan for the detox. I have learnt a lot in this short time.