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  1. Dear Brothers, As-Salamu Alikum…

    This is very inspiring and quite professional. You make Muslims proud. May Allah SWT bless you and your efforts dear brothers.

    Yousef Abugosh, KSA

  2. Assalamu alaykum JazakAllahu khayr for that interveiw. It was very beneficial. May Allah grant you all Jannah tul Firdous. MashaAllah the Abdullah brothers and Abu Productive always inspire me. Stay strong inshaAllah.

  3. Aslaam O Aalikum
    Very Encouraging.May Allah give them courage and success in what ever they do (Amen)

  4. alhamdullilah its great to be a muslim and may peace be with you
    the next time ppl(common in the muslim world) go out there yelling death to america please remember there are a lot of muslims that live in america

  5. Masha Allah. This is truly awesome. Am thinking of he activities am going to engage in while I fast this Ramadan Insha Allah

  6. MashaAllah awsome and practical. May Allah give all Muslims, especially myself tawfiq – divine ability to be the best we can this Ramadhan, spiritually, mentally, physically, internally and externally… aameeeeen!