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  1. Assalamu Alaikkum Brother,
    My name is Musthafa living in dubai(UAE)
    Here I cannot find out any needy people.
    Actually am from India and I know many people there.
    So can I Send the Money there?(To my parents then they can handover Who need Them)
    Waiting for your replay

    • Quoting from the article:”However, if one is able to get the Zakah al-Fitr to the needy overseas BEFORE Eid prayer is conducted in their locality, then in sha Allah it’s alright.”

  2. Jazakallah khair,as a revert, I am a little confused about the Zakah al Fitr vs the 2.5% zakat. If you could post something. My husband use to take care of this but now I am on my own.

  3. JazakAllah khair for the important information. Can I copy and paste the article and email it to my relatives, friends so they can know and spread it?

  4. 1-Can I give food”rice” instead of money to the mosque who has Iftar program for Muslims during Ramadan month?
    2- The Mosque charged $180.00 every Muslim who participates in this program.
    3-I paid my Zakat Al Mal and Al Sadaqah to a respectable agency in Amman, Jordan once a year.
    4- Do I have to pay any other Sadaqah here where I live in U.S.A.?