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  1. Man sha Allah its so re assuring that the muslims in Ewu-Elepe are so alive in their spirit for their deen and in a moment i wished i could spend one Ramadan with them In sha Allah to experience that joy, May Allah the almighty bless and bestow them with rewards in sha Allah.

  2. What an inspiring idea, thanks for sharing this with us. Without any doubt, this article provides very useful tips that we can learn and share amongst ourselves and other Muslims. May Allah reward all your efforts and make it easy for us to emulate this real and practical illustration of Islam. Amen.

  3. Masha allah&jazakallah for sharing this . May Allah reward them , even though many Muslim communities doing programs like this but not at this level May Allah help us to do like them ameen.

  4. Al-hamdulillah for the brethren in Ewu Elepe, may Allah continue to shower His blessing upon the entire community and the generality of the Muslim world. jazakumullahu khaira

  5. Assalamua’laikum brothers/sister in Islam, I am from West Malaysia. We also do practice some way like what you have over there in Ewu-Elepe. But over here we take turns in our community or “kampong” to provide food for iftar or in our own language “buka puasa” at the Masjid. Most enjoying is to see all the young children, old folks eagerly waiting for the food to be served. Sad to see that Ramadan Almubarak almost passing by and hope Allah SWT will grant us long life to be able to meet this holy month of Ramadan again next year …. Insyallah. How nice if we can have Ramadan all year round. Jazakumullah khair.