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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum,
    So far I am content, but I miss the “story-time”. What I mean by that is, something like episode 2 and the Article from Mohammed Faris. Thats the thing i love about podcast, the stories and new aspects, the opinion of the host. Dont get me wrong but I feel like I Missed all of that in the last episodes. So I would like to see more of that in the next episodes.

    • Walaikum Asalam Mahnoor, great feedback! Thanks for commenting. Can you let me know which episode 2 you are referring to? Was that from season 1 or season.

      • Hello Mifrah!!🤗
        Episode 2 of season 2, Where you talked about the why and had us do some homework, watching the TED talk. And no problem I should thank you for the amazing job you are doing!!

        I also thought: maybe it would be also interesting to have some guest speakers? Like haleh banani, yasmin mogahed and the list goes on haha basically all the speakers from muslim central are fantastic to interview or have a conversation with them How they are preparing or as I have seen in the comments below: hadith.


  2. Assalamualaykum ..this is very beneficial series for me. This teaches me a lot. Every content and article on this website is so practicle that by implimenting this to our life one can sucessful in both world.
    The biggest challange for me during ramdaan is sleep. If you can discuss how sleep can be managed during holy month of ramdaan. Jazakallah.
    So far so good alhamdulillah.

  3. Salam its important to give a positive reminder each day from the quran or hadith to bring us closer to Allah.

  4. Salam

    Loving the bootcamp so far. Alhamdulillah even though I struggle with my challenges, learning new methods like the laziness method has been really useful!

    It would be nice if the academy advert wasn’t in every single episode….

    And I hope to see more tips on how to get the most out of Ramadan during exam season/ work .

  5. Assalamualaikum…i think if the episodes are like twice a week..i.e. less in number and longer episodes with References from Quran and hadith to motivate us will be nice.
    And yes, please do not include the academy advertisement in each episode.

  6. I think the best part is learning new methods especially the laziness one. The weekly challenges are helping me to do one thing at a time. That way its not too overwhelming or difficult and I can focus properly!
    I also think there should be more reference to Quran and hadith.
    One thing you should add: time management tips specially for students. What kind of a routine should we set in the light of Quran and hadith??

  7. Salaams.
    I did social challenge so far, I will do spiritual and physical in sha Allah. My fave episodes were about being very specific about our tasks and also the behaviors for laziness.
    Jazak Allah Khair 😊

  8. Asalam Alykum, so far the advice has been going well but I think if you make a video on how you should schedule out your day so you make the most of your ramadan days being productive a not sleeping and also explaining the spiritual but also phsical benefits of suhoor and also how you should regulate your eating. Jazakallahu Khayran

  9. Assalam Alaikum.
    May all your intentions and efforts meet Barakah and acceptance, ameen.
    One thing I would definitely pass over to others is how each task or step that is shown is highly necessary for truly preparing and planning pre Ramadan. I appreciate the stages and how it’s all methodically put too without feeling any added pressure to PERFORM (since goal is to purely do this for yourself). Love the ease and simplicity mashaAllah.

    One thing not quite resonating is maybe adding a ‘Mental / Emotional’ to the list of three challenges. Could use some tips there as well.

    Topic – how can younger kids benefit from these episodes, maybe one episode just for it.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan katheera.

  10. As salaamu alikum, this is a very beneficial series mashallah. I particularly like the short episodes with clear actionable tips.

    I think that a sense of community would really enhance the experience. I don’t think anyone goes into the comments and has discussions with each other here. A private Facebook group would facilitate that a lot more easily iA

  11. What I expect from this bootcamp:

    1. Total Preparation for Ramadan as I don`t have the time this year to do it on my own and to pick every aspect from different sources to be fully prepared – I wish to find everything here so I don’t need to listen to sth else.

    What I mean by total preparation:
    1. Ramadan basics: why, its history, its place in Quran and Sunnah, most important facts to know about Ramadan, etc.
    2. Most important Fiqh rulings pertaining to fasting
    3. Specialties of Ramadan and what to consider: Laylatul-Qadr, last ten days, what about women who cant fast
    4. Quran and Ahadith about Ramadan/Fasting – spiritually uplifting
    5. what to consider physically whilst fasting: what to avoid, what to eat, what about sports, sleep, etc.
    6. How to make the most out of Ramadan as a) a busy person b) a person with lots of time c) one who wants to focus on mainly engaging with the community d) one who wants to have a quite Ramadan retrieving e) for children
    7. further Ramadan recommendations to read or listen to
    8. How to use Ramadan for a transforming year to come
    9. Ramadan stories: How do our brothers and sisters all around the globe spend their Ramadan? (Ummah-connecting feeling)

    When Ramadan starts I basically want to know the overall most important Fiqh issues, what Sunnahs are encouraged (suhur, breaking the fast, all duas, etc.), why muslims fast, what the story behind fasting is, what actions are desired during Ramadan, how to reconnect with Allah, how to be physically productive (food, sleep management), and some other great aspects I can’t think of. maybe some contemporary issues.

    Thank you so much so far, I’ve been enjoying your podcast and I like, that the episodes and homeworks were not too long. I like the podcasts being daily and short instead of 2-3x per week and longer. And I do like the homework part! I also liked the science behind behaviors and the tips on that – other insights would also be great.

  12. Salaam Alaikum,

    The best thing about the boot camp so far is the variety of subjects covered. Keep up the excellent work there. I really like the articles that go with pod cast as well. In some cases a lot of the article is repeated in the pod cast, I would like to see less of that. I would also like to see the pod cast go a little deeper into the topic. Overall I am really enjoying the pod cast and benefiting from it as well.