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  1. Salam .
    This is no doubt realistic .
    It is like seeking to get a thing by defining it . One way is by what it is . The second way is by what it is not .
    An in this beautiful case of Living the month of Ramadan , the approach of avoiding NON RAMADAN livelihood items is SURELY perfect .
    Allah bless you abundantly without measure .

  2. I have been doing well with the challenges lately.
    Initially, i would forget or not do them because of various reasons. But slowly I understand the importance of doing them as a preparation for Ramadan.

  3. I need to
    – get the books I wanna read in ramadan
    – get a recipe ready; can’t cook so knowing one or two healthy recipe will help, and make it a habit as well for me to eat healthy even post Ramadan. It worked last Ramadan, for some reason I gave up this year. I gained 3 or so pounds again :O

    – TRy to get in the habit of tahajjud, but my goodness it is hard. It was easy before but I know I just see it as an optional prayer :((
    – sign up for quran class in misjid, so I can learn to recite it
    and etc

    I watched a lecture/or interview that Productive Muslim did with NAK. There he gave really awesome tips, like about focusing on relationship/
    So this month I am focusing on my individualism..because I feel if I can get the experiences I wanted to get by just day dreaming about , in Ramadan I will be a bit changed and more willing to focus on relationship

  4. Assalaamualikum….Jzk Allah khair for this awesome pre Ramadan series…..I’m enjoying it a lot…

    I have made a LIST and the most important thing from it is to clean up my house with my spouse before Ramadan and complete our EId shopping. Also, I want to prepare a daily plan for Ramadan and prepare a Dua list. Insha Allah.

  5. Alhamdulillah m going good with my challenges, esp. praying the salaah on time lAbout the list yes I m done with the gifts part, cleaning is almost done Alhamdulillah!! But I have to syart with the Quran right away

  6. I haven’t done my social challenge for 2 days:( and my physical was half done on both days…I did put screens off but then I needed to use my phone and it was unavoidable. But I’ve managed to do my spiritual challenge so alhamdullilah there’s still hope.

  7. I have done the three challenges Alhamdulillah .

    Initially I would forget about one of them, but now I am more aware .