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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum,
    Im happy that you addressed this effect, I had this problem last ramadan and I hope that this wont effect me this year. But Now I have the three tips to fight this effect. The first tip is so important in life! Your mindset is everything. Indeed we must never forget that we are humans, we make mistakes and life is not a straight pad from A to B but rather from A to E to D and then you Will hopefully reach B. Thats why we always have to ask Allah subhana Wa ta ala for help and support. Without him we are lost for sure..

  2. Asalam Alaykom Warahmatallah Wabarakatahu,

    so my “what the hell” affect today was that i thought i had made a doctors appointment for my sister that i thought it was today but it turned out to be for the week after and i didn’t realize until she has told me over the phone while she was out.

    for the 3 challenges today i have done the Spiritual, not the Physical, but the social.

    Barakallah feeki, Wa Salam Alaykom Warahmatallah Wabaraatahu :)

  3. Salaams,

    JazakAllah khair for the amazing tips to avoid the what the hell effect – I’ve experienced this SO many times especially when I’m trying to study – but now I know how to stop this from hindering my productivity!

    I did the social and physical challenge and spiritual challenge is going good so far.

  4. Assalamualaikum

    I have been trying to reach your organisation. Have sent 2 emails but unfortunately did not get any response.
    Inshallah this message will reach you.
    I would like to have information if you are conducting spiritual retreats in India.

    Pl let me know.


    Allah Hafiz


  5. What a timely episode! I had two bad days and was just getting the the ‘eat the whole biscuit tin’ stage. I hadn’t done my challenges so I was just getting ready to give up! Jazakillah khair! I have done my 3 challenges today :D

  6. I have taken up challenges only this Week , As last week was a bit busy .InshaAllah will try to do

    1. Pray all 5 daily prayers in Jama’ah or at the beginning of their time.
    2. Have fruits and vegetables at least once in a meal.
    3.Talk to my parents and siblings at least 30 minutes per day. 9As they are in India and I am in Saudi Arabia )

  7. I think this “what the hell effect” is also referred to as “Abstinence violation effect” in physiology which is basically a mentality of “Have it all or leave it all” which of course is a bad and twisted mentality. I do suffer from it , and I will try to incorporate your suggestions :

    a) fight the what the hell narrative in our mind by replacing it with a positive note “I will forgive myself and stop this frame of thought ”
    b) Sitting specific short term goals like small goals
    c) Remembering that we are human and we are imperfect and we will all make mistakes and we are going to turn back to Allah instead of beating up ourselves.