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  1. Salam. I just want to clarify about nap. How can i have nap if i am at work. And how long and what time of the day nap should be? Jazakallah.

  2. alhamdulillah i’ve finally caught up with these daily podcasts and, hopefully i can keep to the challenges that i have chosen:
    -pick 3 duas i don’t normally say and commit to saying then each day
    -don’t check my phone first thing in the morning for at least 2 hours
    i found the new social challenged quite hard to complete, so i’m sticking with last weeks challenges
    -sit with family for at least 30 minutes per day (fully present), also make dua for one deceased family member at least once per day
    also, because of school, unfortunately i won’t be able to do practice fasting before ramadan
    inshaAllah Allah makes it easy for everyone of us to commit to and complete these challenges to better us as independent, productive individuals, ameen

  3. I am going to do keep my physical and social challeneges the same, because they still need work, and I will do the third spiritual challenege. (three new duas)
    Insha Allah I will be fasting Thursday- Friday..hopefully :/

  4. As salamu alaikum,
    The challenges I have chosen are as follows.
    Spiritual challenge: 3 new duas
    Physical challenge: Avoiding “Refined Carbohydrates”
    Social challenge: I’d like to continue with my social challenge from last week.

  5. Really very interesting and helpful and will boost our Iman In Shaa Allah .
    I really appreciate the effort and techniques of productive Muslim may Allah help you more to spread the Iman.