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  1. This is an awesome challenge. I want to do this every Thursday in sha Allah. I hope I can wake up for suhoor on time as it can be very hard.

  2. NYY
    I’m not doing a good job of these challenges….I didn’t even keep the fasts.
    Insha allah I’ll try the dry run on Monday next week…the only problem is that I can’t actually test my real Ramadan routine since I won’t have madressa classes or work from them. that’s 4-5 hours that I will need to use differently…I’ll have a go anyway insha Allah

  3. For the previous week challenge – nyy. I am starting the rehearsal today since I am fasting 2 days in succession, in fulfilment of precious week’s challenge .

  4. Im still on the challenges from the first week. Still struggling to keep up with that. But I really like the sound of this practise run. It seems like something that would be great to practise every week throughout the year so then we’d really be prepared for Ramadhan. But Im sure I’d find it extremely difficult lol.

  5. This is a really good idea however my only concern is, is it advisable to fast in an Islamic point of view, so close to ramadhan? I heard that it is discouraged to fast in the last 15 days of shaban. Please let me know.

  6. Allah is Great! I have been on my Deen. I didn’t fast last year neither to I attend Jumah. I want to revert back to Islam and become more dedicated to Allah’s will.