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  1. I utilized these suggestions with my daughter as I donot have younger siblings who are Muslim.Very good suggestions indeed,keep up the good work !MashaAllah! I love this website!Towards a productive Ummah we go!!!!

    • Jazaakumlkhair,My elder daughter and son were very interested.Brothers Shukran for encouraging our children,KEEP IT UP

  2. jazakumuLlahu khayran for this helpful doodle. I’ll definitely try these when I go home during my next holiday in sha Allah.

  3. Ooh what an inspirational way to spend time with younger siblings.We pray to Allah guide to put that into practice. Jazak Allahu Khair.

  4. Nice advices, but most of these things children don’t like maybe you can find way to focus their attention to do this :).

  5. Thanks will give it a try inshallah and some of this things have been doing them actually its fun to spend time with the younger siblings it also makes you happy