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  1. Assalamualaikum bro Zain. Mashaallah, beautiful voice. Pray to Allah for your success and fully agree that as Muslim, what ever we do we strive for the best, nothing less. Wassalam…

  2. Asalaamualaikum, Many points to be observed. 1) Parents encouragement, 2) The effect of freedom via Nelson Mandela,3) Loosing his friend and winning the competition,4) recognizing his talents and making productive use of it. 5) Encouraging and teaching children via music. Recognizes unifying talents. Popularity did not make him big headed…ex of Yusuf Islam.Pleases Allah instead of people.Doing anything as honorary is Greatness and utilizing the profits for those who do not have gives one a natural High and is so Motivating. Accepts that it’s Allah’s baraka. Talks of Balance in his life. Good point …you need to sit back to take stalk of your life…inner intuition.Work wise..go one step beyond and Creative side do the best of your ABILITY. Yusuf spoke of work to be perfect or don’t do it. changing the world by doing little things.Jazak Allahu Khaire for sharing this very Motivational , productive interview and may Allah grant Br. zain in inspiring the youth to turn and appreciate what all he has discussed in this awesome interview.

  3. Assalam alaikum , this is a great stage to gather all creative islamic minds under one banner and truely build the true spirit of islam , with practising muslims,