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  1. JazakAllah for this amazing and helpful article! It surely explains us small things that we often neglect especially the point that you mentioned that dont buy when you are hungry.

  2. Jazak Allah Khayr! The dua really helps, i’ve experienced it myself. You get the best, in less time and for a nominal price Alhumdulillah!

  3. Dua for Recitation upon entering the market Place:

    When entering the MarketRecite:لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ وَحْدَهُ لَا شَرِيكَ لَهُ ، لَهُ الْمُلْكُ وَلَهُ الْحَمْدُ يُحْيِي وَيُمِيتُ وَهُوَ حَيٌّ لَا يَمُوتُ بِيَدِهِ الْخَيْرُ وَهُوَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٍ”
    There is none worthy of worship besides Allah. He is all by Himself. He has no partner. His is the Kingdom, to Him is all praise. He gives and takes life. He is all by Himself. He will not die. In His hands is all good and He has control (power) over all things”.

  4. yes, totally ned this especially when im sucha shopaholic! its true when they sy you shop more when youre hungry. lately ive decided to starve myself just so that i can save the money for buying clothes! gotta get rid of my bad habit!

  5. This is good mashallah and I have a contribution for compulsive shoppers:

    If you happen to grab items at first whim off the shelves, hold them in your hand and keep thinking about the extra price you will pay for unneeded items and maybe try to remember any similar products that are stocked at your place. By the time you arrive at the cashier, you would have done enough thinking that you can now put these items aside.

  6. we should also think about the quality degree we want and the “luxury degree”if we can call it so;one example(but no laugh;ok ;) ) is instant coffee;for me I to go for just a good quality and money saving one or for the imported expensive but extra fine;
    for a good quality tuna meat can or expensive delicious tuna salad !!! hard to decide hah ;))
    but i do usually as in that situation when Omar Ibn khattab told a man @ souq”is it just follow ur desire and buy whenever you feel like it..this isn’t what prophet Mohamed taught us” اوكلما اشتهيت اشتريت, ما هكذا علمنا رسول الله”
    so to me its just every now and then that i try the expensive brand..but not all the time.
    i think it s not good to get used to satisfying ur desire of buying;there is a hadith that means something like “be firm because a blessing doesn’t last” ” اخشوشنوا فان النعمة لا تدوم” صدق رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم
    …if only anyone can better translate it…
    that s all i have now

    • Assalamu alaikum,
      first of all: thank you so much Hafsa and all others for the interesting and useful article and comments: Barakallahu fikum!
      As for the point you are making, dear Maya, I hope I understand you correctly. I understand from your comment and the hadith you translated (unfortunatelly I am not able to understand the arabic original) indicates, that it is not commendable to buy luxury article just because somebody is wealthy (i.e. just because he/she can afford it). This seems reasonable to me. On the other hand, in the current economy system (i.e. predominantly: capitalism) it is really hard to rely on the price only to access the article to be purchased. To make my point clear, I am giving the example of buying clothes. In my opinion, I have to aswer two separate questions:
      – How many clothes do I actually NEED? As for myself I think, most of us actually need much less as we buy….So this is the point, where we can save some money, simply by limiting the number of items to buy.
      – Once this question is answered (e.g. I need a new pair of winter shoos, because it’s snowing and the old ones are worn out): How much will I be paying for this article that I need.
      And here the question becomes complicated. Because – from my point of you – nowadays and in our economic system, we as rich western consumers are able to get the items at a really low price. But is it ethical? In many cases I don’t think so. We get e.g. cheap clothes, because these are made in poor countries, by people who barely get paid for their work. It feels to me like profiting from slavery, almost….
      Therefore, I have been thinking a lot about the complex of fair trade and I think that as muslims we have to acknowledge our responsibility as consumers. Unfortunatelly, we live in a very unjust economic system.
      If you are interested about this, people outside the islamic context have been thinking about this, e.g. see “The story of stuff ” project (e.g. ) and have been critising many things in the consumerism. I feel we as muslims have to deeply think about all this too, because our islamic ethic does not allow us to profit from other peoples misery. Therefore we have to acknowledge the power we have as consumers and try to deal with it according to islamic principle.
      May Allah guide us the straith path in this complicated world…..

    • I think it is a quote from Umar (ra) that “Don’t get used to luxury as luxury doesnt last long”

      Also , there is one hadith which I heard in a lecture (by anwar al awlaki) that RasoolAllah and some Sahaba were sitting and there was a man with them who just kept on burping ( from overeating). So RasoolAllah (saws) said to him to take his burping away from them because those who fill their stomachs in dunya will be raised hungry on the Day of Resurrection (=50,000yrs long).
      I think the lecture was on obesity.

  7. Hello
    Thank you for this article, I appreciate specially the do3aa.
    I’am not so fluent in english so i’d like to know if a french version of productive muslim will be provided and if yes when?
    Jazakom allah kheir

  8. assalamu alaykum
    jazakiallahu khair dear sister for the helpful’s another tip to make sure youre not whiling away your time aimlessly wandering through the aisles…always set a time limit for your your shopping say 30-40 mins and another 15mins at the billing counter if theres a que…that way your grocery shopping should be over in an hour or less.
    also make sure if the salah is just a few minutes away..DO your shopping unless youve prayed…especially if its asr or the maghreb cannot do your shopping at ease…instead you zoom to the nearest masjid or musalla and rush through your prayer which naturally will be void of khushoo’.

    • subhanallah that is so true in regards to the prayer, at times we just pray to get it out of the way to go on with our daily lives but we don’t realize how much ajr we miss out on
      jazakallahu khair for the reminder!

  9. Jazaka Allahu Khairan for the tips, I will share them with my parents :) specially the one of the dua. Makinga a list always helps to focus on what you need and it may sound funny but yes, as you said, better don’t go shoping if you are hungry.

  10. salamualaykum
    jazaki allahu khairan for the article but i have a question, what about when going shopping for other things such as clothes? at times we get carried away with that…any tips on how to be productive in clothes/ or any other type of shopping?

  11. you know what i most like about productive Muslim is that he shows us the benefits of how great to be Muslim
    we are Muslim by born so most of us don’t know the value of Islam and this website is just amazing to prepare productive umaah ISA
    jazak Allah khair


  13. Jazakallah sister for a lovely and insightful read. About the dua you mentioned, it is my personal experience that my clothes business has flourished because of the barakah of this dua. Allah makes shopping easier and faster with the blessings of this supplication. One has to pray from the heart and one has to ‘try it to believe it’. Alhamdullilah – even something as mundane as shopping can become such an amazing source of reward for Muslims. What more could we ask for?

  14. I remembered a tip from my mentor – procrastinate a shopping urge and you are more likely to drop the idea the more you think about it. Impulsiveness is the culprit.

  15. wow…mashaAllah..definitely gonna follow it the next time shopping In sha Allah…especially the duaa before entering a market…. keep up the awesome work PM team:)

  16. Very good tips and advice may Allah (SWT) bless us all and unite us together in guiding each other to gain his pleasure by the way on nabi (SAS) Assalam Aleykum was Rahmetullah wa Berakatuh.

  17. Jazakumullah Khayran!
    that was an excellent article. a great help for all who focus more on fulfilling necessaties rather than enjoying luxuries. Excellent research work as well. Thank you and may Allah reward all the productive muslim team for their efforts.