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  1. Very nice artical. I am new to Islam and Allah has me intrigued thus far. I want my son to have the disipline, love, health, and understanding of truth without ignorance that being muslim and worshiping Allah will provide.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum! Mashaallah really nice article. JazakAllah Khair for this, and please continue to benefit us InshaAllah.

  3. Assalamu ‘Alaykoum,

    I go to a Catholic all-girls school and I wear the hijab. I’ve been bullied for three years now, first by actions, then by being left out and now I’m being ignored too. I tried to tell my teacher but I can’t because I know there’ll be a huge commotion and I don’t want to be noticed by the whole school.

    I look forward to your post on how to deal with bullying because honestly it hurts to be excluded like this everyday without anyone knowing.

    JazakALLAHOU Khayr

    • Salam alaikum sister. Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s hard to cope with being bullied, ignored and left out. I think you’re very courageous to wear your hijab despite this situation, mashallah! Is there really no one you can talk to (not necessarily a teacher)? I hope you will find the next post about bullying helpful!
      Maryam Mujahid

    • Salam alaikum. Thank you for sharing your experience. Facing bullying, being left out and ignored is definitely very painful, and I applaud you for having the courage to keep wearing your hijab in this situation! Is there really no one you can talk to (not necessarily a teacher) to vent your feelings and get support? I hope you will find the next article on bullying helpful inshallah.
      Maryam Mujahid

    • SalaamAlaikum sister , Donot feel bad with whats happening because at the end of the day its all about you and your belief let them ignore ,you keep in mind that Allah is not ignoring you .
      “… And We are closer to him than his jugular vein(by Our Knowledge)” Surah 50 Ayah 16.
      So sister keep up the spirit and walk like a queen you are unique. So dont lose Hope.

    • I just want to leave some advice to you sister.
      1) u said that u were being bullied in a row of three years. In my view u should not allow this anymore and go for a solution asap. Because one day it could turn away from ur hijab life as the bullying demotivates u (May Allah protect u and help u). Because saitan will try to use u when u are weak. But Alhamdulillah it’s great to here that u are still firm and continuing practice islamic guidance! That’s great! I really Appreciate u! Masha Allah!!

      2) here is my TIP TO OVERCOME the above issue.

      A) make sure u r ‘posture’ is so fit and confident in front of other people (especially people who bullying u). This makes them feel, if they were to bully u they will be responded in a bad way (though u won’t do so).
      I’ll give u a good example for this. Have u ever notice, when u looks at a police in the road, (if u were driving or some drive ur car) though the driver has all the license and everything. If they were to be stopped by the police they will show a fearful or so patient relply (like an innocent) for the question of the police. Still he has all the statutory licences. Ahh! This happens because of the (police men) ‘suit and his/her APPEARANCE’. That makes them powerful actually than the normal person.
      As the same way u can see the people who comes from TAX AUTHORITY. Seems to be dominant and powerful. So there fore u can follow this insha Allah.

      B) if they were to talk anything about ur hijab, as the article suggest (so intelligently). DO NOT JADE(justify……..). Say with a SMILE ‘I think u better mind ur b/s’ DDR so and so!
      C) this is important. U would have noticed when u are with non muslim friends bullying. They will most of the time do so by questioning things in our religion islam. Something like polygamy and all.
      Here there are two ways,
      First as a muslim we are in the state of answering or give idea about our religion to them. But the sometimes start to bullying by using the reasoning it self. So therefore u can answer a question up to a level, and if u NOTICE that they are trying to bully. U can stop answering at that point and ask them to do their own research if they really want to know the answer. And move any other topic, it’s like showing that u r no more interest to answer!

      Second, when they question (with a bullying intention). Rather u answer there question.u throw some question to them.
      Fot ex- in your case if they are being asking ‘why do u wear hijab?’. U ask them ‘Why don’t u wear hijab’? And what does ur religion says about it and so on?
      And in future insha Allah they won’t b able to bully u anymore. And they will understand ur smartness..

      May Allah bless u sis. And keep u firm!

  4. Thank you for wonderful tips. Can you please examples in what sort of phrases or statements one can keep handy and use hat you suggested in point 3

    • Well, that really depends on your situation and the issues at hand. It could be an idea to brainstorm a list of possible things to say in your situation(s), and go over it with someone for feedback
      Maryam Mujahid

  5. dear sister, initially i wrote practically an essay on how to deal with bullies but i accidentley left the page so it refreshed it self,anyways i was the only muslim wearing a head scarf in my non muslim school as well,so i can relate to your situation a lot.i make dua that Allah relives this burden from your shoulders as well,also remember that everything in this world is a test from Allah

    what worked for me when i was going through the same in the end was talking to my parents,this normally works quite well,if this is not a possibility then
    think of short phrases that you would love to say the the bullies,but could not for whatever reasons . then calmly say them to them one day. their reaction will be surprised and they will probably leave you alone for a while.

    also sister remember that people like this normally have something that has been said or done to them to make them feel inadequate, so they release this by bullying you.

    stay strong sister,i will make dua for you

    sister anonymous

  6. MashaAllah this article was very helpful and InshaAllah I can put it into practice; may Allah accept the efforts of the author.

  7. Jazaka Allahui Khairan sister, I’m older than a teen but younger than an adult. I’m in the middle ahaha. And although this isn’t that happends to me daily I is really helpful. I especially like the don’t JADE advice.


  8. Jazakallahkhair aunty Maryam.
    Masha’Allah The advise is very good especially the JADE part. i could relate to it however in my school there is a lot of group politics. I hang around a large group, (not through choice) mainly for “safety in numbers”. Some group members are good, other not so. How do i make the situation more halaal without upsetting my friends or isolating myself. JZKHAIR.

    • Wa jazak :-)
      Are you hanging out with this group to avoid being bullied? And in this group itself there is negative peer pressure as well? Obviously I do not know the details of the situation, but have you tried to (re)examine your values and motivation (point 1) to know where you stand and what you want?
      Maryam Mujahid

  9. Assalamualaikum sister Maryam .
    I came across your articles on productive Muslim .I am a mother of four and enjoy your articles .I read that you are a new Muslim mash a Allah .is there an email address that I can communicate with you on .it brings so much joy to hear of your Islam and many others it is actually inspiration for us born Muslims to see how active helping the deen mashaallah your sister in Islam south Africa

  10. This is such a beautiful article..I have no words to explain the beauty of this write up. It covers so many things and the advice can be applied in so many aspects. I needed the advice regarding dowry. After reading this, m feeling so confident, my view and concept is clear now. Feeling great. My sincere prayers for Maryam Mujahid.