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  1. MasyaAllah. I’d really love to buy one of this Lifebook, I’m pretty sure I can make my life better by organizing it with this productivity book. But I live in Indonesia where is far away from UK. Do they also distribute it to here? Thanks, jazakumullah.

    •  if you know anyone who would like to buy in bulk from us and sell it in your locality, please get in touch with us.

  2. yeap, the shipping cost to the rest of the world is more expensive than the book itself..wish it sell in USA..awesome books, and beautiful!

  3. Mashaa ALLAH, It is very useful and I was searching about something like that  !!
    But Unfortunately I am from Egypt and it costs a lot to ship to my country. Allah bless you productivemuslim for your work.

  4. May Allaah reward you all immensely, I purchased mine and have been using it this week and I love it! This is exactly what i was searching for alhamdulilah :) 

  5. Salam.
    Mashallah awesome!
    Will it be available at the Productive Muslim workshop in Malaysia scheduled in February?
    Because if yes, then I’d be delighted to buy one there :D


  6. Can you deal with aramex or Speedex or DHL so they will in distributing
    It’s realy amazing~ i love diary

    Waiting to hear from you

  7. Salams have just received my pocket diary an am disappointed that it doesnt contain any of the productive muslim features. Perhaps youvshould amend your article because it does read as though the features would also be in the pocket diary

  8. Avvalen, jazakallah, very nice study. I bought the small one.
    I think every thing is excellent except two things , please apologise me , I recommend to contribute this excellent study..

    1. is nt it expensive a bit ?
    2. the planner at the end of the agenda is for the next year, thats good.. why there is not for the current year? that is a good tool to see the whole current year and pin some events on it? may people assign some future goals for the year?

  9. As’salaamu’alaykum, maa’shaa’Allah i really love the diary. A friend may Allah accept it from her ameen, bought one for me. It’s really useful especially because i need a diary to keep me going on my day to day activities etc.

    I’m a bit confused as to how to use this one in particular. The hours start from 0800 and end at 1900 is that correct? i just need help understanding where to block out the sessions or do we place the time on it?

    • Assalamu’alaikum! Congratulations on the Lifebook! Regarding the hours, you can either use those set hours 0800 – 1900 or make up your own time schedule by writing the hour next to the task (unfortunately, we couldn’t fit more hours due to space constraints :S)

    •  Wa Alaikum Al Salaam!  I believe if you want to extend hours, or block hours, you can do so manually.  Let’s say you want to add something post 1900 hours, note additions with pen directly onto the diary.  InshAllah this helps!

  10. Assalamou ‘Aleykoum!

    I would like to know if the small size of the lifebook contains the same things like the big one. Are you selling somewhere in France or should we buy on your website with forwarding charges?

    Wa salamou ‘aleykoum!

    • Assalaamu alaikum Eimen,

      Thank you very much for eagerly waiting for them. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the chance yet to start working on them for 2015 as we’ve been busy working on several other projects we have in the pipeline. However, we’ll do our best and let you guys know when they’re out, in sha Allah.

      Keep us in your duas. :)

  11. Assalamu’Alaikum, do you have an idea as to when the 2015 Lifebooks will be published?

    I have heard so much good about these books and I am so excited to start using one.

  12. Aslaamulaykum
    MashaAllah this is fab! Can u tell me if there is a 2016 edition yet or is it still yet to be published? Thank u and may Allah bless u for ur work Ameen Alhamdullilah.
    Your Sister in Islam