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  1. May Allah swt. help all of the  ProductiveMuslim  members.
    I have had a lot of benefits from your work.
    Salam from Bosnia and Herzegovina!

  2. jazakallah khair for all your sincere efforts.May Allah ta’ala bless us and guide us in the righteous path.
    I am a die hard fan of Productive up the good work in revolutionizing ummah with productive thoughts.I wait eagerly for your articles and doodles…My most fav one was the animation series..MASHA ALLAH.they were soooooooooooo awesome.Insha allah waiting for a seminar/workshop of yours here in Singapore.

    • JazakAllah khair for your very kind words. :) As for the seminar in Singapore, it’s on radar! ;)

  3. May Allah (s.w.t.) continue to shower his grace, mercies and blessings upon you all.  I have benefited and learned a lot from Productive Muslim.

    I have even shared this content with my children – including the videos.  Many of the articles have served as reminders of how I once used to be and have also served as a catalyst for reviving those qualities. 

    I have learned & developed new skills and approaches which has also helped over the past year or so.  Jazakallah khair for the sincerity and dedication of the Productive Muslim team and contributors.

  4. May Allah tala reward you all for this awesome work, and Keep giving you Taufeeq to touch more lives, Insha Allah. Aameen