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  1. Very Brilliant, this is exactly what i was thinking of (connecting my life goals with Akhira), this helps me a lot,
    Whoever made this is a genius :)
    Thanks a lot,
    keep up the good work :)

  2. Really Nice work !!

    But i want to say that there is a big difference between Goals & the means (the ways) we achieve these goals .. for example when you said “go to the gym 3 times a week” .. here this is not the goal because it’s the way i want to achieve the goal which is to become healthy .. so i hope you -if possible- to edit this sheet to more developed one which allow every one to set his goals & what will he do to make this goals come true ..

    i mean it’s not enough to set your goals without knowing the ways you will do to achieve it & it doesn’t give any meaning to say I’ll do …….. & you don’t know the goals of doing this.

    Thanks a lot for reading my comment & i really hope it is useful to you ^^

    • I agree with you
      A goal or an objective is what I want to achieve, while means, tasks, and activities are how I am going to reach this and the mechanism.

    • @RAMY LOTFY that’s a wonderful observation you must also be brilliant to have discovered that and proposing its possible solution. that is infact the best way to improve this site for the betterment of our tattered ummah. may the Almighty Allah bless you.

    • Bism,illah-i-Rahman-i-Raheem,
      Salam and hello to all.
      The very crux of achieving goals, is the how, and haivng done some therapy that specifically addresses this for those suffering from Anxiety and Depression, can be used exactly the same for anyone else. Its a very simple technique, but (and fairly) I cannot post the technique here due to copywright issues. However I can share my insights and learnt steps, firs fill in this sheet as per instruction and then correct any goals acc ording to the insruction.
      Then to ensure you meet your 6 month target, give it the SMART treatment, you can look this up but its also done like this Positive, Realistic, Specific, Measurable, i.e Are my goals Specific? i.e getting healthy isnt, but saying “I want to eat more vegetables/fish and excercise at least twice a week” is, or if its about weight then write, I want to lose ‘x’ amount every month. Then ask is it Measurable? i.e can I or would someone else be able to see if I was achieving my goal or not? If its just about losing ‘x’ amount of weight, you may want to include ‘by cutting out desert and chocolates. This helps you measure, how well or close you are to reaching your goal. Then ask is it Positive? If its that “i dont want to shout at the kids every day” you need to change it to “I want to stay calm and deal with the kids with an even voice.” Finally it should be Realistic. Saying that you want to have a presentable home all the time isnt realisitic. But changing it to, i would like the home to be clean and tidy each night before I sleep, is. With this last one, use it to remember fairness, in your own goal. If you dont achieve this every night does not mean you are a failure or have failed. You are working towards your goal, and having it done three out of seven nights is still a success. Do not look at things in all or nothing terms. Apply this correction to your own perception of success with each goal.
      Once you have applied this to each goal, you then can take any one and use a 7 Step breakdown technique. First brainsotorm all your ideas to achieve this on a page, even the unrealistic ones. Like I’ll survive on weight loss milkshakes for a whole week. It isnt realistic or positive. But keep going. Then pick the one you feel you can attempt to do now. For example , if its to do with being assertive at work, you might decide to start by deflecting last minute requests from your Manager, that are not part of your job, by explaining that you are busy with your own workload, or you may decide to sit down and have a chat direclty with her/him. Now that you have your route, you can break it down and see what you need to do, and address any expected barriers or obstacles. Break down the task, into 7 steps (or less) until you are at your goal. Somtimes, with difficult situations like the one at work, some steps may need their own breakdown. For example a hurdle might be, having the courage to ask for a meeting with your Manager, or what am i going to say? You can use the breakdown technique for each part, or just for the task. List each step, and see how how much you complete each week. You can always yet again look at why you’ve failed, what you can do to prevent it next time and any unexpected events that may have occurred that prevented or made it more unfeasible to achieve that step this time.
      The 7 step breakdown technique gives you a clear path to reach your goal, then you can assign each step with its own time frame and also a reward for achieving it. This helps to motivate you and also train your mind that every step achieved is an acomplishment. Not completing the task is not a failure, as you may have achieved the first step, and that took effort, time and you succeeded!. Celebrating each sucess no matter how small will boost your confidence and your ability to beleive that you can achieve it. For example if you were calm when dealing with children even once in a week, your reward might be, “5 mins with a coffee and my feet up” or buying a magazine you love. Rewards can even be time off, from all responsibilities or a day out. With each step, your rewards should become greater. Like finally having the courage to ask for the meeting with your manager means, you get to buy the phone you’ve absolutely been dying to have, or (for the girls) that handbag! It depends how difficult it was for you to try that step, and the reward should reflect this.
      I know this has been a long post, but if you need help in how to address your approach to goals, or challenge certain thoughts/behavoiurs that are unhelpful, feel free to respond here or contact me at my website.
      I hope you find this useful. Just remember, forewarned is forearmed! Whatever might throw a spanner in the works, being able to sit down and address it before hand, will leave you better prepared for when you come across it.
      Finally remember, nothing is easy unless You Allah make it easy, so make this easy for me (dua is not in exact words-apologies). Dont forget to add InshaAllah on your steps,/task breakdown!. Oh Allah make this a blessing for many. Ameen.

      • JazakAllah Khair sister for this advice. I really benefited from the Positive, Realistic, Specific, Measurable technique, as well as the 7 steps to reach your goal!

        Also, the beautiful dua you mentioned:

        Allahumma la sahla illa ma ja’altu sahla, wa ‘anta taj-alul hazna idha shi’ta sahla

        O Allah! There is nothing easy except what You make easy, and You make the difficult easy if it be Your Will

        Recite in whichever language you feel most comfortable with :)

        • As-salamu alaikum Wr Wb, Saroop.

          You’re most welcome and thankyou for providing the original dua in both arabic and english. I love when someone does that, it serves us muslims better.

          Im very happy that MashaAllah you found the advice beneficial. Alhumdolillah, I hope it was easy to understand.

          Finally sorry i didnt reply faster, i couldnt find my own post! lol. Until now.
          If you or anyone would like to find out more please contact me at or if you are a member here email me.

          To all here at PM, Im currently filling in a goal planner, and though ive changed the timeline im throughly loving how all my goals are very positive and fulfill some element for the Akhirah. May Allah reward you Mohammad Faris, it is pleasing to the heart, that our life is geared towards beneficial and halal/rewarding things.

  3. Mashallah this is excellent. Have seen several goal setting work sheets before but never with an akhira column. Just a thought; how about adding a DAILY TO DO column as well? This would come before the six month goals column and would help us determine what and how much we need to do on a daily/weekly basis in order to be able to achieve or six month goal. For example, if in ISLAM my six month goal is to memorize Juz ‘Amma, then I need to set aside time to memorize a few ayahs on a daily basis, and so on… this might help us in developing a more focused and achievable daily to do check list which would be in line with our long term goals. Also we would not loose sight of our long term goals as we would be working towards meeting them inshallah. And Allah knows best….

  4. First of all, let me commend Productive Muslim for all the help they are giving us! I agree with Ramy. This Goal Planner is a Beginning. We all want Jannah as our ultimate Goal. But, I personally want Jannat Al Firdaus. And I really don’t want to spend any time in the Nar at all! So, what do we do to accomplish that, AND  take care of our earthly needs, and family? This life is so hectic!  I am a weight loss coach, and I have my clients post their goals where they brush their teeth. They read them at least twice a day. We set alarms to eat a small meal every three hours. We as Muslims should set our cell phones with alarms or adhan to remind us to pray. After every prayer, I have my children read  at least 5 minutes of Quran, the same ayah that they are memorising that day.  I also have them read 5 pages of Quran for 5 more minutes. That way, they canfinish reading the Quran once a month. Most nonMuslims organise their day around meals and work. We should organise our day around prayers. Anyone have other tip, I would appreciate them!

    • As salamu alaikum Wr Wb,
      I just want to say first, that i haven’t achieved the routine you have, so MashaAllah.
      Perhaps (and this may slow down finishing the Qur’an) discuss and read the translation of the five pages, so your children can appreciate and come to learn and love the wonderful stories and lessons as well as comforting and warning that the Qur’an is. Allah has blessed me with many a day,that i lost myself, sometimes reading and re-reading the translation of the Qur’an. And then marvelling that such a wonderous book existed all along and i never realised what any of it meant.

  5. alhamdulillah..this planner insyaAllah helps me to rethink back about the purpose of my life.on what i want to achieve.yes i’m honestly, sometimes i feel that i live with the flow n aimless.insyaAllah with this planner, insyaAllah it helps me a lot..jazakallah n May Allah bless

  6. yes ! thank you for produsing this planner…perfect timing too! happy new hijra year to you abu productive and all productive muslims members :) hope it works well with our yearly resolutions!

    I really wish there could be a way to bridge the gap of process n product while planning! like going to the gym 3 times a week is a process and being a CEO somewhere is a product…once we put pen to paper, we are too absorbed trying to figure out our future plans and end up with gaps in planning…organizing our to-dos around work and meals sounds interesting!(thanks Absolutehealthtsfl!)

    Moreover, what about adding “requirements or assessment modules” for al Akhira column…like make sure your money is clean enough…and you have enough education on the Islam… you have solved one problem for another person…..stuff like that!

    can’t thank you enough! May Allah reward you :) 

  7. this was the the most AMAZING Goal-setting Chart i have ever come across in my entire life! 
    Jazakallah Khair Katheeran for this..i have been able to plan out my entire life on it!

  8. Nice.Beautiful.Great job.and what more can i say. My Allah(sbt) accept us,our repentance,Grant us jannah,Gran us Success  of this world and grant us everything good, Ameen.

  9. Asalam waliekum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

    Is there any example some who has done this. I want to see how they done it so tat their example will give me a much better idea how to use and fill out the paper. 

    • correction: Is there any example someone who has done this. I want to see how they done it so that their example will give me a much better idea and insight how to use and fill out the paper. 

  10. to those of you complaining that this is about goals and not how to reach the goal – well, that part is up to you. This is a goal sheet.
    And to the one who wanted an example of someone else’s – try not to be a perfectionist about it. don’t think your sheet has to be like someone else’s. This is your goal sheet. Give it some thought inshallah and it’ll come to you. 

  11. this is a very good exercise, masyallah. honestly, the ummah column is really giving me a hard time. the community column as well! i’m 22 but at this age, i realise i havent done anything for the society! i’m gonna find something to do n make something useful out of myself! insyallah! :)

  12. Asalamu alaykum
    Jazakum Allah Kheer
    I would like to request if this planner and other planners you have could be made into applications… androids?!
    jazakum Allah kheer for all the effort and barakaAllahu feekum

  13. As salaam walakum, I really like this. It seems really helphul. I am tring to print it but it prints a corner of it in large letter. can you please help. thank You 
    may Allah bless you.  One more thing. If you can help people who has a illness/sickness to become proactive. 

  14. First-O-Fall, I would really appreciate all the great work they’re doing…..
    Its really an astonishing way through which we could achieve our Goals and Success!
    Thanks alot P.S !

  15. salaam
    what if we try to live each day as it is our last one.make a list of things we might want to do before dying.i think it will make us more focussed towards Allah tallah

  16. Jazakallah. Excellent worksheet, especially the ”Akhira column”. It will help you to relate your daily life with Islam.

  17. assalamualaikum… first of all, thank you so much to productive muslim for making this spreadsheet and share it to all people without charge. thank you!

    however, i have 1 question, when i try to fill in my goal in this planner, i got stuck at community and ummah. i cant differentiate between it. hopefully somebody could explain this to me.

    • Assalaamu alaykum. I guess Community refers those living together with you in your area of residence and/or work regardless of whether they are entirely made up of Muslims or not while Ummah specifically refers to your Muslim neighbors exclusively. WalLahu Ta’ala a’alam

  18. Assalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu. .. Subhan Allah iam amazed reading almost all the articles on your website. . Maa Shaa Allah Very helpful. ..
    I have a request if anyone can help me would be great In Shaa Allah. ..
    Actually Alhamdulillah i have started teaching quranic language (arabic) to school students but sometimes finding it difficult and challenging to teach it to younger generation, if Abu sir or anyone could give me any tips and ideas (how to bring them towards deen)wwould be a great help. In Shaa Allah. . Jazak Allahuqairan kaseera all :)

  19. Asalm Alykum! Abu Productive and all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters. First of all i really really loved this planner and to be honest from past 1 month im trying to arrange my daily routine my goals my productivity but at some point i am so lazy to do even a single task and start regretting instead of working daily i tell myself to pray 5 times a day on proper timing now a days i am missing fajr because of the cold weather in Turkey because i am used to normal weather as i used to live in dubai..though im trying my best.The second part is learning Turkish language because to live and study in Turkey Turkish language is a must.AFter that i have already started a online course on the top of that i have started a Islamic group since 2/3 months but the main thing is i am not able to pa proper attention to an of these goals sometimes i lack motivation and sometimes im regretting would you please help me out how should i stay constant with m goals and duties.I have tried almost half of the internet Articles but they work only for few das WOuld you sugest me An article please i really need Help Jazak ALlahu Khair for your all the Articles and the messages present in my inbox they really help me and to be honest i share 3 to 4 articles a week daily form this site…Jazak ALlahu Khair for everything Productive Muslim website is the only thing that made me strive to become a Productive Muslimah..

  20. Asalamu alaykum
    Jazakum Allah Khair
    I would like to request if this planner and other planners you have could be made into applications… androids?!
    jazakum Allah kheer for all the effort and barakaAllahu feekum

  21. Alhamdulillah….I think Allah swt showed me the way from this site.I was asking him to guide me to do my daily works properly and to achieve my goals ….in Islamic way…

  22. I love this it just sums everything up for me .. would love if there was a excel version though would really help… honestly jazakallah kheir for all the efforts being put into this site! Honestly it has helped me so much particularly the $1 life goal workshop! That was spot on!

  23. salaams, im not sure if this has been mentioned already but have you thought about developing a productive muslim journal/dairy sort of thing with all of these resources in one place. I know I personally like to keep things together- its just much easier to mange everything this way, otherwise im forever losing bits of paper. Plus i like to write more than I like to type. Also it could help me to check my daily/weekly goals and see if they are helping me work towards my long term ones- keeping everything in check and together.
    It’s just a thought – let me know what you think….. or if there is already one out there.

  24. As salamu alaikum, jazakallah khair brother M.Faris …
    U r really an excellent personality,may ALLAH bless u and ur team with JANNAH for such a beautiful work..

  25. masha Allah!!!!
    Allah has shown me a very benifcial friend (this website) for which I was longing for man years!
    jazakallahy khaira!