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  1. Excellent article, ms Ali, have also recommended your website Habibi Halaqas to my sister. Looking foward for articles on similar topics.

  2. i’m having difficulties to find the right company and feel very shy to join even when i found me break free this corrosive feeling…

  3. Assalmoalekum,
    Thank you so much, everybody. I’m honored to be able to use my skills to write effectively for the Muslim community. MashAllah

  4. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah. Laa ilaaha illallahu.

    This is about being Muslim, right? It has nothing to do with self. Nor does Islam. If anything Qur’an lowers yourself. You know how many times? Countless. Please know and say what is true. The only problem is self. That’s it. Virtue is selfless.

    True humility is Islam. Believe in Allah, The Truth. Not yourself. True repentance is the best health. It’s not about me or you. Whether it’s kept to our self or not. It’s about Allah. It’s about The Truth. Only Allah is always Great. That’s it. Subhan’Allah. Allahu Akbar. Truth is complete. Submit yourself to Allah, The Truth.

    Qur’an is the only perfect source for advise. Self love is the root of all evil. Self is a false god. There is no true self. There is only true humility. Islam. That’s it. Allah is The Truth.

    Thus, anything that pertains to self is meaningless. Shun id. Id will only mislead us from true belief. Worship none but Allah. Submit to Allah’s Commands. No one else’s! That’s right.

  5. Asalamu alaikum. I think positive affirmations from an Islamic standpoint, using the Qu’ran and Sunnah as a basis would be an awesome resource for those who lack self-esteem.

  6. Asalamu Alaikum. My view regarding the point 4 and 5 is that one should know when to when to argue and with whom to argue.
    Some times it is better to be silent.
    Quote by Imam Shafi’i:
    Say what you wish in abuse of me, for my silence towards an idiot is indeed an answer. I am not at a loss for a response but rather, it does not befit a lion to answer the dogs.

    And this comes from a extremely stupid person who used to pick up fights, argue with people to hours inspired me to read the Quraan, then i started reading the translation of the Quraan, and now i am reading the Tafsir.
    Insha Allah i will change to be a better Muslim. Pls pray for me.

    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah Shamsudeen,

      Thank you very much for sharing that profound quote. I’ve saved it for myself too!

      And we’re really pleased to hear how ProductiveMuslim has helped you, bi idhnillah (with the permission of Allah), alhamdulillah!

      May you remain steadfast and continue to reach greater heights. Ameen!

  7. Hi,

    Narcissism is actually a result of extremely low self-esteem, according to the field of Psychology. Am I missing something?


  8. aslamoalaikum

    thank you so much for posting such a great article which help others to become good Muslim :)

    Jazak Allah Khair

  9. I am had esteem issues because of hijab, but I continue it in hope that Allah will reward me the best. However, now I am having esteem issues due to hoor ul ain. The thing is when women of dubiya will be superior and beautiful. Than why is so less description about it. I am not satisfied with the fact that there will be Noor on Jannati women’s face. I already have esteem issues, and this gives shattan an opportunity to distract me. Please advise me with out talking about beauty of hoor ul ain