The Daily Taskinator

Download The Daily Taskinator | Download fillable pdf version

Do you wake up each morning confused what you’re going to work on today? Do you spend your day being ‘busy’ but by the end of the day you feel you’ve not achieved anything important? Do you feel like you’re carrying far too many responsibilities and can’t give each one it’s due right? Not to worry, ProductiveMuslim is right here to help. Introducing the ProductiveMuslim Daily Taskinator – Your one sheet hack for a much more fulfilling life inshaAllah.

How to use The Daily Taskinator ?

The concept behind the daily taskinator is pretty simple: Each day, spend sometime to think of 3-5 important tasks for the following four areas of your life:

  1. Islam
  2. Family
  3. Work
  4. Personal development
Write these tasks down in the relevant area in our Taskinator sheet. Then decide on a feasible schedule for these important tasks and stick them in the right hand column ensuring that you ‘block’ enough time for each of your tasks (Don’t forget prayer time and sleep!). Never again will you live your day confused what you’re supposed to do, or worse being busy without adding value to your day. [Click for the tutorial]

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you schedule your most important tasks (and most challenging) to the early hours of the day.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said “O Allah, bless my Ummah in its early hours”. The time after fajr has so much ‘Barakah’ (blessing) that you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve in these early hours.

Download The Daily Taskinator | Download fillable pdf verison

-> Now Available in MS EXCEL format (Special Thanks to Br.Ahmad Noaman for converting into excel format)

After popular demand, we’ve brought the old taskinator back. Click here to download the previous version of Daily Taskinator.

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View the tutorial on how to use ProductiveMuslim Taskinator: