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  1. assalamou alaykoum wa rahmatoulahi wa barakatouh. i loved the article so much and felt concerned about the article. i pray that Allah make us be productive muslims and gain His pleasure. may Allah strnghten us and give more hikmah to you brother Faris. Ameen

    • Wa Alaykum Assalam Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakato, I am very glad you enjoyed this article. Part 2 has been posted, please enjoy it. May Allah bless you immensely.

  2. Alhamdulilahi, that was a very good article, an eye opener, may Almighty Allah reward you and your team abundantly, ameen.

  3. Jazakallahu Khair for the beneficial work.

    I’m also myself very introvert, bt the thing that saddens me is while meeting other people mainly those who r elder than me, I must admit I’m too shy to talk with them which feels disrespectful unfortunately.
    Please can you help me with tips how to develop a better conversation.

  4. Infact, I thought introversion is a blessing from Allah,and as well the life of The Prophet Sallalahualaiwasalam. I was able ti realised that there is ability in disability

  5. I’m an introvert by nature but in this society (North America) extroverts are valued more. Therefore, I had to be more outgoing. Especially while I was a teacher. I still have “downtime” as people tend to drain me. It’s my time to reflect, read and work on my crafts. An excellent article. Thanks

    • I love to have alone time too. During which I can catch up on my favorite, blogs, or just simply self-reflect and do zikr. Sometimes I’d just rather use that free time to work on improving my writing skills, study more about Islam and wellness topics.

      I’m not sure about you but I think who I spent time with matters as well. When I ‘m with my family or a few close friends, we’ll always share a lot on what happened during the day or that week. But when I’m at work or out in other events, there I go finding an isolated place, sitting at one corner using my phone or I’d just keep quiet and listen to other people talk.

      Wallahu’alam..not sure whether I would be considered as an introvert. Guess more of a choosy person when comes to having friends.

  6. Assalumu alaikum. I am an extrovert, but am married to an introvert. Maashaallah, hubby does prefer to be quiet and alone, so you can imagine we butt heads in many areas of our daily live. However, he is also very agreeable when in the company of others, and I know his friends and coworkers (and he manages dozens of people )do not consider him to be shy. I’m glad for this article, I never considered introvert/extrovert under an Islamic lense. I always thought introverts to be shy and I’m pleasantly surprised to read it is not the case. As a matter of fact, I’m now sincerely attempting to cultivate Islamic introvert quality. I’m sure hubby will thank you for it, lol.

    • Wa Alaykum Assalam Carine, That’s great to hear! Insha’Allah this article was of benefit. Make sure to check out Part 2, posted recently.

  7. My favourite article so far!
    wow! Amazing. I am a typical introvert and have always known this but it just never crossed my mind
    to look at the islamic perspective. Subhanallah!
    My introversion has gotten so bad that my inlaws started to not only hate me but cause me so much heartache simply
    because they thought I was secluding myself from them. What really i was doing was avoiding the constant idle talk, backbitting and constantly trying to smile and comment on their discussions to not appear impolite. It was such a painful task.
    I got tired of pretending to be what i wasn’t. Creating a balance was a very difficult task for me because ideally, I simply loved being by myself and it was simply just too much work.
    I must however admit though that my introversion is so bad that I postpone visiting family members due to shyness and simply not interested in their topics of conversation; I am always lost for words on the appropiate thing to reply given that I come from a culture where there is alot of joking and teasing involved in simply and every day greetings; how do I respond if my inlaws tell my they havent seen me in a while; am just there hiding behind my husband; am such a love bird and even worse other jokes. I AM ALAWAYS SIMPLY LOST FOR WORDS.

    Right after finishing university and returning to my home country; I was happy when I landed a job with an international orgnisation. I prayed two rakaats every single day that i had to go to a meeting or meet a new visiting staff from our regional office; do a presentation; just about anything that involved being at the centre of attention. My heart was constantly working over drive. It was simply way toooooooo hard.

    In the end I decided that the job was simply not me.

    I quit after four years of struggle even though of such high acheivement and remarkable performance.

    The only brilliant thing about the job was that my boss too was worse of an introvert than me and that was the most brilliant thing about it. In fact, he depended on me alot during meetings…hahahaa….makes me laugh recalling.

    Anyway, I could go on forever.

    I am now a stay at home mum raising my kids.

    Would be lovely if an article could be written about what muslim house wives can do to be productive staying within the boundaries of islam.

    i spend alot of my day feeling useless and unproductive while hubby is away working. In fact,it can feel quite depressing doing the same things every day. Its a blessing off course, yet, I simply don’t feel productive!

    • SubhanaLlah!!! Am still in that region. Most of the time lost of words and inside of me lies the perfect expression. This character seems to be epigenetic in nature whereby it has nothing to do with your genes but yet could be inherited by your kids. Pls, help the kids maintain a balance BTW being an extrovert and an introvert. May Allah make it easy and rectify us…. Aameen

    • I totally understand you! I am at the same situation being a stay home housewife and an introvert of my nature.
      What I found out works best for me is a planned day ahead. I need to feel like I’m doing something useful for me and others. I began to help more to my husband and his family members. I discovered new hobbies that I like to do and time just flies when I do them on my own at home! Sometimes it’s quite depressing to be home alone, but you gotta find a solution by doing something you love

  8. This is a really interesting article, first time I’ve seen this topic discussed from an islamic pov. I can’t say I’m much of an introvert though, I’d love to see a similar article breaking down extrovert habits into encouraged by islam and discouraged by islam.

  9. Salamullahi Alaykum! Jazakillahu khairan sister Chereen. This helped me understand my situation. Now I know that I am an intro. L be able to make some adjusments because of what you have written here.

  10. Thanks for this beautiful article. It is quite revealing and insightful. You have really brought out the pro and cons of being an introvert, As such one will be able to improve on His areas of weakness. Jazakal Allahu Khairan

  11. AS
    I consider myself a loner, not many if any friends that I would go out with. I shy away from large crowds and when I find myself in a crowd I am not verbal,. I do work I am in retail around people all day with some sort of conversation taking place. this is my job and what is expected of my position. When I go home I feel safe and I don`t have to put up a front for anyone. Your post lets me see that I am not alone in this even though I knew that and your resolution to it shall I say easier said then done. I am an older person and have been battling this a long time. Oh yes I can make it through a situation but the nervousness and uncomfortability that arise I prefer not to go through it. I am muslim, I prey for Allah (waw) to show his mercy and guide me to a better place within.

  12. Assalam alaikum
    I was an introvert but alhamdulillah I tried to get out of my shell and at least greet people with a smile and ask about their whereabouts.

  13. Assalamualaikum wbt
    Its a truly reflecting myself. during my school years I’m an introvert but when i stepped into working world i need , somehow or rather, to change my personality to be an ambivert . having said that i still have to be in my comfort and quiet zone, once in a while, to breath in back my motivation. this is a very good article and may Allah grant you His unfinished blessings and love. Thank you.

  14. Assalamualaikum, yes, most of the characteristics as mentioned are describing myself, when I was a child, I was labelled as ‘shy’ ‘too quiet’, rn I feel blessed of what I have, even there are also other qualities that people are missing out from me..It’s their loss of not figure it out. Alhamdulillah, even i’m a bit left out in my group, I don’t even bother about it nmore bcs it’s what I actually am, I can’t simply change it, and I’ll get used to be alone, and yes I have very small circle with those who I trust and they support me since high school. Syukron. Enough for me. I don’t want to have so many friends with so many drama and backstabbing. Bcs I also have trust issues. Idk why, as long as I want to keep what I have now (my beloved family, bestfriends and closed ones), I can focus for them, help them and being success together.

  15. JazakAllahu khairan for this article. I think I am an ambivert, because I am not always shy or quiet. I am a male and 27 years old, I struggle a lot finding a spouse, especially because of being an ambivert (introvert sometimes). When I speak to a woman or just someone who I don’t know well, I can’t speak with a loud voice, I think that I am too shy or reserved for this, but at home for instance, I can speak loudly. Does someone have tips how to overcome this and to speak loudly and clear to someone I don’t know?

  16. I enjoyed this perspective of introvert versus extrovert for it draws out the good and helps you to understand what is wrong or bad. It is a different way from saying this what one may or may not do. It challenges you to think of the concepts. The common meaning of the introvert is someone who is quiet and within himself or herself. It makes you think the person has weaknesses and therefore is lacking in certain aspects or characteristics. But this perspective provided in this lesson tells you that perhaps the introvert may have better qualities than you the extrovert

  17. As salam alaykum, wonderful post Ma sha Allah! I’ll take the advice therein to improve productivity in my introverted life and aim to achieve more Baraka in sha Allah.

  18. Great article for introverts. I really loved it. There is so much you can while being with yourself. Jazak’Allah Again for this article.

    “Call on your Lord when your heart is brittle, that is a time when it’s in pieces and the Light of Allah can fill the gaps. That is why Allāh is with the broken hearted. – Hamza Yusuf” (Source:

  19. Barakallahufeeek for this wonderful post.

    I believe every introvert person would have that “ are so true” moment.Haha.

    I myself tends to be introvert most of the times. Or is there such things as in between? I’m not sure about my state either. I used to be in a youth organization. Was elected as the vice-chairman to lead a few 10-15 leaders who were obviously more experienced and older than me and yet they chose me to be the right-hand man for the overall in charge.

    Maybe because after I decided to speak up after I see a “lack in motivation” to work from the group.

    And now, after I stepped down from that position, the “old me” starts to appear again. Talking to new people is troublesome, finding a spouse?..urgh no time for that..

    I’d rather spend time reading blogs like this and to do what I love to do. Which is to learn more about Islam, fitness and nutrition and well, writing.

    Then I realized, this is not the way a Muslim should live, isn’t it? We should mingle, spread the word, inspire and help others. troublesome as it may sound, it is for Allah anyway.:)

  20. Yeah I’m an introvert, sometimes I think I’ve social phobia, I don’t like gatherings…gatherings frighten me but I feel happy with my friends . I feel shy in college…

  21. Aliamdulillahi for making me a beneficial of May Almighty Allah continue to shower His Rahmo upon the brain behind this noble blessing amin.

  22. MasyaAllah this article is so amazing!! I really love to read about psychology stuffs about introvert/extravert, and this new article allows me to read psychology within Islamic perspective! Can’t wait for the next part!

  23. As an introvert I feel like it’s difficult to talk in groups with friends as there’s usually useless banter going on and meaningful conversations don’t really happen. When networking and being with friends it’s quite a difficult situation as I’m not so good with small talk and usually have nothing to add, do you have any advice to cope with these situations better?

  24. mashAllah & jazakaAllah
    I love you for sake of Allah.
    I want to aske you, in our religion order to be shy and not infront of males(ajnab) so how we deal with them when we in colleges or in work.
    thank you

  25. Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu….
    Maa Shaa Allah…Baarakallah was really a superb article…
    I am an introvert…I have really faced many problems bcoz of this character. I had realised the positives and negatives just few months back…Alhamdulillah…all the points what I have
    thought are put up in the article…I am really striving to b a productive muslim…
    So such social networks are very very useful for such people lyk me…can easily do dawa n ol… without direct contact….
    When am in public physically …am so shy n very hard to face people n mingle…But watsap groups n ol r very comfortable…Alhamdulillah!
    Once again thanks to Abu Productive for such wonderful website…Baarakallah feek
    Jazakillah jhyran :)

  26. JazakAllah. It’s really very useful article. The topic is interesting and enforced me to write a feed back to you.It’s effective and psychological bases so we can know about introverts and their advantages and disadvantages.

  27. All my life I have never felt proud of myself being an introvert. Masha Allah, after reading this article my view and acceptance about being an introvert totally changed.

  28. JazzakhAllah khair for this wonderful post..

    This article let me know I’m an introvert..
    in sha Allah I will work harder to posses the good side of being an introvert and extrovert…

  29. Alsalam aleikom,
    I found this article very useful in understanding and encouraging my introvert sisters amd brothers. I hope the next article will be written for us the “extroverts”.
    Jazakum Allah kheiran

  30. MasALLAH, love your article. As an introvert, I really enjoy, feel alive and productive when I am alone. I have to admit, I had a great issue with guest, friend and relatives. I feel really uncomfortable being surrounded by too many people. Your article really influence me, InsaALLAH, I will try my best to chance myself by taking one step at a time.

  31. Introversion is ok but the problem is that I have severe social phobia, I’m very shy, I’m sensitive and I blush a lot. I tried ruqyah and other stuff but I still have it. I don’t know how to get rid of it. It doesn’t let me live a normal life. I cannot practise Islam perfectly for e.g I cannot marry or perform hajj or visit relatives etc. Does anyone know how to get rid of it ?

  32. I really like this article and the last point about not isolating oneself from people was very very helpful as I never really thought that it could lower our levels of productivity. JazakAllah khair for the wonderfully explained do’s and don’t’s on how to be a productive introvert!!

  33. A few weeks ago I googled the keywords ‘productivemuslim introverts’ and found out that there was no article on introversion yet in this web. But now here it is! Allah always answers our du’as doesn’t He :) Jazakillah khairan katsiir Sister Cheereen! This is super helpful!

  34. Jazzakallahu khair for the article. As an introvert I adore being among those who share similar views as me, mixing among noisy people or crowd is not my style but I still manage with their own way of life because I learn a lot when I try to reflect and observe the way other extroverts behave also I believe extroverts express love and kindness better. Every human has the good and bad side and the best among us are those who seek the pleasure of Allah. May Allah grant us a deep understanding. Ameen

  35. What an amazing article. I’ve been looking for a balanced view of introversion from the Islamic perspective for so long. I even wanted to write an article on it but this just says it all. I especially loved the part where you talked about the unfavourable traits of introversion so that introverts can work within their “limits” for the sake of Allah. Powerful. Keep on writing! Alhamdulillah.

  36. The article is really into me since I’m myself is an introvert. And I’m always interested in everything about introversion: books, articles, speeches. Susan Chain is one of my fave public figure. And as other readers here, it’s very first time I get introversion/extroversion in Islamic perspective. Mashaa Allah. Thank you for writing this article. Jazakallahu khayr.

    I experience all the things you wrote down. If I sit down in the middle of conversations, indeed I prefer to listen rather than to speak. Under this circumstance I speak only if what I say is important for others. Meeting many people a whole day makes me really exhausted. Even though it does not mean I don’t like doing that. I think introverts also like to making friends, and enjoying conversation with others, even strangers. All those things are just exhausting. In my case, to deal with this condition, I always provide my time to recharge my energy, which is being alone and make sure no one come to disturb, every day in the night. Sometimes it makes feel guilty to say that I don’t like share my room. But that’s what I feel. It’s totally uncomfortable still involved in a talk with others at my bedtime (fortunately, I’m still single. surely I have to find a way to deal with it once I marry to someone in the future, hihi, I hope you write about this specific topic later).

    Other introverts may have different ways to recharge their energy. The point is we have to know which is the best way for our own self, since it’s very important to keep ourselves energized. Living in the extroverts world (since there are only 20% introverts in the world according to an expert said, so we can say it, hihi), is a kind of challenge for introverts. And we just have to be grateful if we are one of them. Try to understand ourselves better day by day. And as a Muslim, we must put our concerns about the good habits as well as the bad habits, as the points written above, so that we can keep our appropriate acts, particularly under the Islamic rules. Inshaa Allah.

    Allahua’lam. Jazakumullah khayr. :))

  37. SubhanAllah, this makes me so happy because I am introvert and sometimes I do find it hard to be open and outspoken with my friends and family and reading this article made me realise that its not a bad thing for example to have your own space, to reflect and just simply be quiet sometimes. This article has helped me accept myself a bit more and my qualities as an introvert Alhumdulillah. May Allah reward you for writing this article; for giving an islamic perspective. Ameen.

  38. Jazakallahu khairan, i myself am an introvert and i really needed this reminder to keep myself as the website says..a productive muslim!!May Allah grant you
    the best of rewards!

  39. Truly motivating article . Being a introvert myself I face a lot of challenges that I have to cope up with and this article really inspired me. Thank you . May Allah bless you.

  40. AssalamuAlaikum Sr. Chereen.
    Thanks alot for that post! Am so grateful that it finally shows and defines introverts. –However– am I have some “nosy” relatives and some of them even spill the beans about people’s flaws and personal issues. So what if I visited them and don’t care or appreciate my presence? What if they outsmart me by questions to find out my personal life issues? (It happened to me about thrice before). 😔

  41. Very Interesting! I’m an introvert too, but Insha Allah by reading this your article, im on the plan to change. Jazakallahu Khairan

  42. Wa alaikumu Salaam. Well said about me. Every points were true on the view of Introverts. I just want to change those 3 disadvantages and make it good for this world
    afterlife. Jazakallah Khair.

  43. Great advice. As an introvert, I find going to the mosque very difficult as my brother is an extrovert and is very popular there, masha’Allah, so all his friends are attracted to talk to me as well.

    I only wish to go for prayer and worship, but the load of social interaction leads me to flee from the mosque. Thanks to your advice, I’ll work bit by bit to perfect my social skills, insha’Allah.

    May Allah reward you for this article.

  44. Alsalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
    Being an introvert myself, i searched for the balance between being a productive introvert and a counter productive introvert (often viwed as arrogant ,weak or anti sociable). I was not able to find someone and something that was this detailed in context and proofs from the classical texts. indeed, this article resonates with me and i will be able to change myself for the better with the help of the complied ahaadith and verses bi iznillah. Jazak Allahu Khairan for the efforts. Please keep up the good work for people who are looking for answers to critical issues that are otherwise not found in local masaajids.

  45. And how does one step out of ones comfort zone when one has no idea what to tell people in conversation? “Hi, how are you and how is the family” can only take you so far. What to do when the backbiting and sins start appearing in the gathering? Not all introverts have the skill to get out of such a situation gracefully or explain themselves. Instead one end up looking confused, foolish and then you have to deal with the stress of being the odd one which only makes it harder to go to another gathering. A person who feels emotionally tortured by gatherings can’t just get out of their comfort zone, it causes them constant stress even before and after the event itself. Who wants to live like that?

  46. JazakAllaah Khair
    I enjoyed reading this article

    I read a paper on psychology by Zohair AbdulRehman, released by Yaqeen institute it mentioned some jewels discovered by ibn Taymiya (ra) and am very impressed with his work, happy to see his name repeated here

    Also identified that I have all the traits that Islam discourages in an introvert and I have a head start to improve or work on these

    Salam Alaykum