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  1. Masha Allah.. May Allah bless you.. wahtever task you are going to start, dedicate it to Allah swt, and you will see how Allah swt puts khair in it..

  2. Thank you sister Zanib, I enjoyed the article!

    Not having a business of my own, I never thought about the dilemma of donating privately vs raising funds publicly. Personally I thought announcing publicly was a completely okay thing to do, since it let’s customers know the good they are contributing when they purchase, besides giving an incentive to buy, generating more funds. But now I also see that that contributing to charity in secret may push you even harder to make your business successful, since you cannot depend on the people’s good will.


  3. Baarak Allahu Feekum everyone for the lovely comments. I pray you do benefit from my words and experiences. Nadine Jazak Allah Khair, you made some good points regarding the charity aspect.

  4. Amazing article! Too good.MaShaAllah.this article is very informative and practical steps on how to achieve Allah (swt) pleasure in whatever we intend to do .jazakallah sister for this article.this made my day

  5. Baarak Allahu feekum for all the warm comments. I pray my words do bring you some benefits In shaa Allah. Sister Nadine, some great points made with reference to the charity aspect. I think you are right that it allows others to purchase with intention of receiving rewards too.

  6. Jazak Allah, very informative article. May Allah give you reward, and give us courage to follow these tips ameen.

  7. Thank you sister Zainab for this enlightening article. I enjoyed reading and certainly look forward to implement in the new project I’m about to take on. Jazakallahu Quairon Hamza

  8. Great article. Point 7 is spot on – You always want to be asking Allah to bless your project and make it happen. With starting my own project at, here are a few extra tips to add on:

    1) Double the time, effort and sacrifice you think it’ll take. Starting your own project requires a lot of work, much more than we anticipate.
    2) With time it shall come: there’s no such thing as an overnight success, so don’t be disheartened when you don’t see immediate results.
    3) Build an email list/contact details: that way you can stay connected with people who are genuinely interested in your project.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Jazak Allah Khair Umme Hafsa for your most valuable tips. I very much agree with them all! Especially point 2. Sometimes you have to wait to bear the fruits of the seeds you have sown.

  9. assalamu alaikum:
    I appreciate all those who created such a beautiful forum for exchanging major concern is
    that we must care for our coming generation which is our great asset.if we could manage this asset
    effectively by making them a good muslim and save them from those who became tools for others
    and creating a bad image of islam.

    • Walaikum salam warahmatullah Br Mohammad. This is something I feel very passionately about too, which is why I founded Sweet Apple. To mould this generation into great pious, thoughtful human beings with exemplary character we must start young. I believe these books are an invaluable tool for teaching values in a fun,non self-conscious manner. In a way that engages children and leaves them with important lessons.

  10. Baarakallahu feeki on your project Sr. Zanib.

    Tip 3 [Research] can be helpful in many ways. It allows the researcher to put things in the right perspective regarding the project. This comes about automatically while searching, thinking, recording ideas etc and also directs to numerous resources that could come in handy along the way if not immediately. Its also important to write down things while researching – so a ‘Project Book/Journal will come in handy here.

    Another important point is getting together with ‘like – minded’ people not necessarily family – as some families & friends could actually dampen your mood. A mastermind or group could help in such circumstance – like a writing group, where you get in front of others for accountability and brainstorming.

  11. Masha Allah Sister Zainab these tips are absolutely important for any productive Muslim to bear at the back of their minds and jazaki Allah kheirann for the reminding. May Allah reward all those who participated in the coming up of Productive Muslim Forum into existence and to all the scholars who are transforming their Quranic & Hadith knowledge into actual services for the humanity at large and this is the real Islam.

  12. Jazakillah hu khair sister for this step-by-step detailed suggestions for success! It helped me feel like I am not alone in the fears or anxiety of starting something new or big, plus it helped me boost more confidence and a clearer vision for a project I will be undertaking for my Masters degree. InsyaAllah, with my intentions and efforts, side-to-side with Allah’s Will I will try and finish this project that will hopefully benefit many in my community, ameen. Please brothers, and Sisters, make dua for me too :-)