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  1. Thank you. I always found that reading to my kids made them feel happy. It was a time to bond and an opportunity to talk about other issues. Now they are a little older they prefer reading to me!

  2. thank you very much for writing on this intriguing and important matter… its the best way to calm down the tantrum of buddies u r rite :) Jazak Allah Khairan.

  3. May Allaah continue to give you the wisdom and guidance in your untiring efforts for enlightening the Global Muslim Umma. Bissalam .

  4. yeay!!! Alhamdulillah I too love reading to my kids but it is a learned habit for my husband. I love looking how bright my son is of concepts and how he is able to express and identify his emotions!

  5. One way in which to get children to enjoy reading is if you become a reader yourself. Children invariably will imitate and share the passions of their parents. Another tip is to get rid of your TV licence, that way you save yourself arouns £150 and your child are more likely to occupy their time with their nose in a book rather than slouched on the sofa

  6. Masha Allah great article. I was looking an advice based on reading stories to babies. I am first time mom and was clueless what to pick and how to choose. I wanted to introduce an early reading to my son who is 4 month now. I never had the chance for my parents reading to me. Now wonder I do not like reading. AlhamdulilAllah graduate though. Jazakallah kheyrn for sharing with us such a great tips