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  1. Loved reading your article. I feel all of us who formulate the above in our way of thinking and perceiving this dunya will attain satisfaction spiritually for sure. :)

  2. Great Article!!! I really felt energetic after reading your article Alhamdulillah!!!! Even I am trying to follow all that you mentioned in your mail and what Stephen Covey said. But your point of keeping surrounded us with inspirational people is what I liked the most. I was falling many times and it was taking a lot of time for me to recover from failures. Now I understood how to deal with criticism and get rid of negativity!!!
    Thanks for posting.

    • Jazak Allah Khair Sr. Sana. I believe with every calamity there is a test.. Its up to us if we want to live a life of a Victim or a Warrior…
      Take personal responsibility for whatever good or bad happens in your life.. Center yourself with the belief that Allah has power over everything.. Empower yourself, motivate yourself and take help from a Coach or Expert you trust as sometimes even our close family members do not understand our situation but rather criticize..

  3. ALHAMDULILAH absolutely loved this article and I cant wait for the next one inshallah. I have been an aspiring Entrepreneur for a long time but being a mom wife and full time everything else, its kind of difficult to set aside time and even funds to start a successful business. Another thing I worry about is all the craziness happening in the world and it makes me wonder is it even worth pursuing a dream or should I just focus on my family and pleasing Allah? Then I realized in the article there are ways to please Allah through your business which before I considered it maybe going for worldy things. Thanks for making that clear to me. May Allah reward you sister!

    • Thank You Sr. Zainab for your feedback..i am glad that you liked the article.

      Its indeed difficult to manage family and work after marriage.. But this would be a limiting belief that pursuing your dream will not please Allah.. If there are positive intentions Allah opens doors of opportunities..

  4. Subuhanallah.did piece is so motivational and inspiring. Every point u made alighned wit my thoughts. I av so much challenges around me that I wanna fix.alhamdulillah this piece was on time to inspire me to start solving Nd never let go.
    Ilalamom sister.

  5. Assalamoalikum ww, Masha Allah , you make my heart happy. I am very pleased to read such a positive thought provoking article from a woman’s side. Usually such courageous talks comes from men only….:)
    May Allah fulfill all your dreams and wishes if they are good for your world and hereafer.
    The best parts I like is about aiming high, talking less and investing in ourselves…this is so true….and last but not least, oved the line, “Train your mindset to believe that you are your greatest asset. You are more precious than gold and emeralds. So invest in yourself, you will never regret it! ”
    Sadaf Masood

    • Wasalaam Sr. Sadaf..

      Thank You.

      Most of the times women seek validation from those around them that they are worthy enough to be appreciated that increases self doubt.. when we value ourselves, honor our gifts and strive for excellence then we no more need validation as we are on our journey of Self Mastery..

  6. Love this series! JazakAllah Khair.. We live in a society where you get judged upon your job role etc / it’s apart of our fitrah so are we sinful if we get praised/want to have that status.. don’t really know how to word it.

  7. As salaamu alaykum my dear Sr. Shereen.

    Well written article. Very timely because I just finished listening to Muslimah, business-savvy Muslimah, who mentioned some nice tips too.

    Truly, we as Muslimahs need to invest in ourselves because we are our greatest assets.

    Very deep!

    I’m truly inspired and simply empowered to take on the next level.

    Thank you!

    Jazaki Allaahu Khairan!

  8. Jazaj Allah khair sister for that Inspiring article. I have also started a small bussiness but sometimes it suffers due to a lot of factors. I hope I will be able to stay focused and continue despite the challenges. A word of advice to sister Zaynab(one of those who commented) I noticed she wrote In sha Allah together as Inshallah. According to Dr Zakir Naik it should be written in 3 separate words as In Shaa Allah. He said if you write it together it means create Allah but if you write it in 3 serate words it means if Allah wills. May Allah help Us to do the right thing at the right time so that we can prosper in this world and in the herafter. Amin

    • Its not easy for women to run their business with a family.. But keep on going with baby steps.. Every step counts in the long run.. Be more Productive and Invest in your Growth..

      Jazak Allah Khair..

  9. Assalamu Alaikum, Well written. Your strategies are wonderful tips for a Muslimah. May Allah swt bless you and make you very successful in your endeavours Ameen.