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  1. AMAZING and just what I needed to hear. Alhamdulillah. May God bless you all and make this website GRRROOOOWWWW!!!! :D

  2. Thanks a lot!!!

    I believe most of us have been waiting for this thing to get clarified. It is now (after reading this), that our Muslim brothers and sisters will overcome those confusions and fears & get ready to become a part of a successful Ummah in the near future!!!

  3. salam its really good article…we people need this type of advices for proper awareness about what we are doing and what we have to do to be a good muslim….
    i would like to ask u for an article which is also a great dhilemma of our nation today is how to be centented and satisfied with what we have…..coz we people are mostly not satisfied with what we have with us…and plz give an article for what shud be the priorities of our life……and who shud be our frnds and from whom to aviod….i really need these articles….hope u will publish them as soon as possible…thanx
    w salam

  4. strive for more (sincerity, quality, quantity).. very well saidBeing ambitious is what keeps the world progressing. so if Muslims kept being ambitious, this is definitely going to help our Ummah progress and prosper.