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  1.  “A vision not worth dying for is not worth living for.“ That’s a proper definition Jazakallah Khair

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading some of the excerpts from this workshop above. It relived the 3 days of this extraordinary workshop that i attended earlier.

    This workshop is more powerful than we possibly can narrate. Its strongly recommended that everyone who can attend it, must and all those who can not, must pray that they do!

    Jazak Allah for writing about it.

  3. Jazakallah for your thought provoking article. Touched by … vision in every role of our lives and definition of excellence; always liked the sound of the arabic word – to the best of your ability –  in the quran. If we follow your advice we would acheive more inshallah. Hope we can expose our young muslims to such ideas at an early age.