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  1. I like this article and can relate to it a lot.  I was very organized before marriage as well; however, after getting married things got quite topsy turvy w.r.t. organization.  My other isn’t anywhere near close to being organized.  What makes matters worse is that over the years, in some respects, it has contributed to me becomimg somewhat disorganized.  Worse still, my children have seem to have taken pattern after her instead of me in that respect.  This is a 14 year battle that I have yet to win.  What to do?

    •  Salaam Aleikom! I am happy you found my article useful. In my case, my (other) is also very unorganized and has always been, for some people it is a habit for them, and like every habit, it takes work to kick it. What has worked for me, and what I can advise you to do is, have your children pick things up themselves. Like their shoes, backpack, toys, electronics (depending on the age) Etc. DO NOT, I repeat, do NOT pick these things up for them yourselves. These are items that your children can learn to handle on their own, it is not too hard on them. With children/teens, it takes consistency. So when you see them leaving the same things out, stop and call them and ask them to please put the item where it belongs. Keep doing it, and eventually, it will become second nature to them to put things where they go, because they KNOW that you WILL remind them to do it, and you won’t cave in and do it for them. Also, making their own beds in the morning is a small thing that helps them to learn neatness. I have also made a rule in my house that before dinner is served, the house needs to be picked up for the night. The table cleared off, and each persons items back in their own spaces. By doing this, you will find that your family will begin to love working together to get the house organized, either because they are happy to spend the time with you doing it, or because they want dinner, either way, it works InshaAllah. About your spouse, talk to him/her and say that you want to work out a plan to make sure the house stays organized and help them to see that the children are following your every move as all children do, and of course last but not least, the Islamic perspective in this matter. Keeping your home nice is an act of worship to Allah. You might also read my “6 steps to get organized” again at the end of the article to catch anything you may have missed. InshaAllah your family will progress to the way of organization together.
      Salaam Aleikom rahmatullahi wa barakatu
      -Kara Regan

      • I liked your article it is very true and wise mashAllah. I will try to remember this during my daily life.  I feel it will help me and my deen inshAllah. I hope to see more of your articles in the future. 

  2. Amazing article, I never connected the two before, but now realise there is a lot of truth in this..please give some tips for the slow energy days, that tend to have a domino effect on normal house and salah routine.

    •  Salaam Aleiokm,
      Because we are human, there will always come those days that we have no energy or desire to get something done, and that is OK, as long as it isn’t all of the time, and as long as it doesn’t start affecting other aspects of your life, like Salaah as you mentioned. What I can say to this question is what the Prophet (saw) said about not having too much routine in our lives. Humans become bored very easily, and that has a lot to do with taking away our energy because we no longer have the inspiration due to routine. For Salaah, you might change your praying place for a couple of weeks, a new different area in the house, and wear different prayer clothes than usual. For the house routine, switch it. I have found that playing Halal Nasheeds, or an entertaining lecture really keeps my mind occupied while I am cleaning, and then before I know it, everything is done. Either play it on an ipod or the computer, but if you are listening to something and thinking about it, it adds a lot more interest to everyday tasks. One last thing, reward yourself after you have finished cleaning, so it is something to look forward to, a dessert, tea, anything that makes you happy when you think of it, and then picture how relaxed you will feel in a freshly cleaned house while you enjoy your favorite thing. Routine has a lot to do with the mind as well as the physical aspect of doing everyday things. :) I hope I helped and if not, don’t hesitate to question me.
      Salaam Aleikom Rahmatullahi wa barakatu

    •  Salaam Aleikom,
      Because we are human, we can always expect those days when we don’t have a lot of energy or focus, and that is OK as long as it is not all of the time and as long as it does not affect things like Salaah as you mentioned. What I can say to you is what the Prophet (saw) has told us about making sure to not stick with one routine for too long. Humans in their nature become very depressed and uninspired when we have the same routine to expect every single day, and it adds to the feeling of having no energy. Changing our “routine” means both mentally and physically. For example with Salaah, you might change the room you pray in for a couple of weeks, or change the clothing that you pray in. Changing the Salaah environment helps a lot with motivation and focus, I love to pray outside in a secluded area whenever I have the chance, or simply in another area of the house, it is all about doing something different than the usual. When it comes to cleaning the house, it is something that can be hard to change the routine physically since it is something that MUST be done and maybe needs to always be done in the same order for one reason or another, so here is what I suggest, while you are cleaning, play some halal nasheeds or an entertaining lighthearted lecture. Either in an ipod or out loud from the computer. Here is the trick, when you are keeping your mind focused on listening to something carefully or deeply, the “everyday chores” suddenly become easy and fast going. If you listen to soemthing while you are cleaning, before you know it, everything is finished (and sometimes we just NEED everything to seem like it is done with the speed of light). Also, reward yourself after the chores are finished (you deserve it!) Anything that makes you happy, whether it is tea, or a dessert, after the house is finished imagine yourself sitting in a nicely fixed home enjoying something for yourself. Thinking this way will inspire you to want that peaceful moment to yourself when everything is accomplished. I hope that I aimed at your question in a way that satisfies you, and if not, tell me :)
      Salaam Aleikom rahmatullai wa barakatu.
      -Kara Regan

  3. Assslam u Alaykum wr wb. I am a student of college as well as Islamic studies, I don’t really get time to clean my entire room, drawers and cupboards and all of it piles up. My room is loaded with my stuff even now and my mum gets mad at the condition of my room. I have to pick things out of the cupboards but don’t find time to organize. Besides, Its really a boring work. Have you got some advice? :(

    •  Salaam Aleikom, Well you sound like a perfectly normal college student, but these habits will last you after college if you don’t try and fix it now, so here is what I can advise you, adding to the comments of others that I have responded to on this thread. About the boredom, I get it, and on top of that, you are extremely busy. So you should pick one day out of the week that is considered your cleanup day. Since you are not in the situation to pick up after yourself every single day due to your work load, I suggest getting it all done once a week. It is better to have a week worth of mess to clean up rather than weeks worth of mess. While you are cleaning, listen to some halal nasheeds, qur’an, lectures to repel the boredom. I even love having a friend just sit and chat with me while I do cleanup, it really makes the process speedy and less boring. On your first cleanup day (which hopefully will be soon ;) Spend extra time getting it organized so that it will be less difficult your second week of cleanup. Get some bins to put in your closet and fold or stack things inside of them. Throw things away that you REALLY do not need, or give them away. The way to solve clutter, is to not own too many things that will become clutter. Maybe your mom would be willing to help you the first day of cleanup to make things easier. You will be surprised at the things you have and don’t need, clothes, papers, shoes, notebooks etc. Anything extra is excess and should be avoided to make your regular organizing a lot easier to handle. Once you get yourself into this habit, after college is over, you will find it is a lot easier and more beloved to you to keep organized and clean. InshaAllah kheyer. Thank youf or your comment, Salaam Aleikom rahmatullahi wa barakatu :)
      -Kara Regan

  4. Mashallah an excellent article ! The cleaner and tidier I am the more productive I am ! Fotunately at my new work place they have a clean desk policy so everyone in the office is also organised ! ( I get stressed when I see others disorganised !)

    Great article….Inshallah more to come !

  5. SubhanAllah… I totally agree with this article i.e. with you sis Kara… I am also organized person and it really eats me alive when I see that my family leave their clothes, bags and other stuff in the living room, kitchen etc…I consider cleanliness (physical and spiritual) is an obligation of every muslim because it is based on Ayah and Hadith… I recently started using Daily Taskinator and I pray to Allah to help me improve in organization so that I may successfully get time for everything in my life starting from worship, cleaning house, studying, visiting cousins etc… May Allah guide us and make us productive Ummah. Amin Ya Rabbel ‘Alameen


  7. As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah dear Sister, I liked your article very much. In fact I always want to get top of keeping my house organize. But it’s difficult considering full time work coming to home tired, kids and giving time to family. I always thought maybe there are very strong hadiths of Rasoolullah ( s.a.a.w ) about the requirements to keep the house clean which would provide me motivation to get some focus and emerge for doing it. Your article has provided me encouragement in shaa Allah to this effect. May Allah ( swt ) accept your efforts and make all Muslims increase in eemaan.Jazakallah.

  8. AsSalamu Alaikum, Al HamduLillah, So many brothers and sisters working on so many things. I was thinking to put stuff in an website for organized learning about Islam and look what I got here! Ma Shaa Allah, BaraAllahi FiKum. There is always something to learn if one keep his eyes open and this article with it’s unique topic MaaShaa Allah just caught my eyes and worked for me as a reminder. JajakAllahu Khairan my sister..May Allah accept from us. Ameen.

  9. Maa sha Allah I needed this article. As an architecture student, a cluttered becomes routine especially on submission days. To hell me get through this, I designated special areas for everything I own. For example, everything shoes go in one area, everything books in another. Simplicity is also veeery important too. Warmest salaams.