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    • V ery useful article for both parents and those in the teaching field.teachers should do away with monotonous reading and use expressive styles w hen they read aloud to kids.InshaAllah this will make kids into good public speakers too.

    • Yes the stories for kids available in the market are filled with ‘fairies’ from Cinderella to Snow White. And by default, when ‘fairies’ are present, so are the ‘witches’.

      to stay away from this make believe fantasy world, replace them with the stories of Angels from the hadeeth. Like the story of Bald, Blind and Leper or the first revelation. When to tell them, dramatize the stories.

      A friend of mine, would darken the room and use the mobile torch to tell his kids the story of Jibreel and IQRA. Think of the lasting effect it would have on the kids! Masha Allah.

  1. Aslaamoalaikum do you have any kind of activities for 9-12 months old baby. What kind of islamic stories we should tell them. Thanks

    • A 9 – 12 month baby usually replies on sounds and expression. Thus you would do well, if you pick any picture book (preferably a hard book for the child to explore and touch) and speak about the animals.

      Recite surah Feel or talk about the Hudhud and Prophet Sulaiman. They are too young to understand but you will slowly get them inclined towards loving books.

  2. Alhamdullilah very inspiring. i have a small library for children and a reading centre in India(kolkata),please suggest reading material for children, like names of books and where to buy them.

  3. Alhamdulillah, I know brother Dawood personally. A very keen educator, mentor, team leader and special trainer. He is gifted with amazing skills and abilities. The Burooj concept is a much needed in this modern day teaching and learning with is founded upon Quraan and Sunnah. I salute all the Team members for their sabr in this path of education. Teaching requires great endurance. Keep up the excellent work. I recommend all to support their initiative to expand all over India and the world to bring better teaching and learning through Fun -Learning approach. Barakallahu feekum and May Allah bless and accept from all. Ustaaz Abu Muhammad Naseem, Mecca Australia.

  4. Assalaamu Alaykum. Do you have any suggestions on activities for a two year old? What stories should I read and how can I teach her islamic Things in a fun way?

  5. Asalamualaikum brother i am father of 1 and a half year old son i pray to lord that he helps me in inplementing these suggestion and jazakallah khairah for the same to you!!