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  1. Excellent article, great information and advice for parents. I thought point no 7 is so important, lot of the parents don’t realise that. Point no 4 is something I have been deprived off when I was young.

    • Alhamdullilah, thanks for your positive reply. Like I said, it’s just about sharing experience and not really a blueprint. With regard to Point No.4 – I did not have lots of books when I was young before (unlike my kids) but I enjoyed storytelling. The best moment was when there was a blackout, no electricity, and we sat on the floor, huddled together, with a candle on a Milo tin and my father told stories about ghosts. We went ooohhhs….aahhhsss…

  2. Jazak Allah Khair for this very nice article and also amazing website about Quran learning,may Allah SWT accept your efforts.

  3. MasyaAllah, informative and beneficial indeed! Well I’m not yet married but love it how I can relate my childhood to some of the points subhanallah. InsyaAllah, I’ll try to keep this in mind and apply it for my kids insyaAllah. Jazakillah ahsan jazaa for sharing this may Allah reward you and le whole family with Jannatul-Firdous :)

  4. its a very useful article for parents…especailly for me as a new mother…jazakallah for this article

    • Oh Alhamdullilah, enjoy your baby. Kids make us smile, happy and also drive us nuts. How I missed my own lumps of joy.(They are big now).

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge. Jazakillah khayr ya ukhti. Keep up the good work by spreading the knowledge to others.

  6. Salam. Kak Suzi – if u still remember a girl doing her LLB in Leeds and sometimes helped babysitting Jannah, Aiman and Irfan back in 1996-98 – please note that I still remember you and your family fondly :-)

  7. Masha Allah, this is soooo educative and inspiring,especially for people like who r expecting their first borns.Thank u sis

    • Glad you like, Maryummah, Enjoy your kids. Capture every moments of laughter. When things get tough, step back and think how to overcome any adversity. May Allah help us all (trust me, we need this!).

  8. Thanx for the article! JAzaki Allahu Jairan. Family involvment in housework is the first responsibility the child should learn. their beds, their crayons and coloring books, the story shelf… etc… It makes them understand that life is not always (taking and consuming) but it is giving as well….

  9. salam i really enjoyed the article :).. i am a student entering into law school via university of london, i saw in your credentials Alhamdulilah you being such an illustrious lawyer and doing work for the Ummah, can you please tell about the law undergraduate program or please specify a good site for budding lawyers, Jazak Allah Khair.P.S(keep up the good work :)

    • Glad you like the simple article. I’d like to write more but I just have to find time to do this. in re law websites, I suppose you can always google for it as many universities are offering many free online courses – MOOCS. As the legal market is pretty crowded, you can start exploring internship. Not necessarily with top firms but with community centres as well. It’ll be a good grounded experience for you. Other than that, explore other skillsets needed because employers are looking for multi skill people.