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  1. As-salamu’alaikum Taha, what a good article, indeed. I think one of the golden words there was that the prophet ﷺ took his life ‘seriously.’ He undertook every task seriously, because he ﷺ knew every affair he was involved in will be asked about in the Day of Audit.

    In my humble opinion, if we take ourselves seriously and be Allah-conscious in all of our affairs, might push us towards success inshaAllah.

    What do you think? :-)

  2. wa alaikum assalam Br. Hashem Ghazzawi,

    Jazakallahu Khairan for your valuable feedback. I agree with you 100%. It really boils down to how seriously you take yourself and your attitude toward time. It’s a state of mind before anything else.

  3. Asalamalaikum brother Taha. Any tip or prayer to help someone.some1 very dear to me is not time concious at all and it pains me a lot. I have being trying 2 make him better but Wallahi its not easy. He is above 40 and it worries me if he is ever going 2 change. When I wake up early trying to lead by example he get very angry. Dse is affecting D R/ship. And I think he needs. I even forward ds article 2 him but am not sure he is going to read any time soon, may be in a months time or maybe when I force him to. Jazakallahukhyran.

    • Try to be as scrupulously time conscious yourself! as time goes on, he will ultimately be intimidated by the superior virtue and will adjust, Perhaps, In sha ALLAH.

  4. Subhan’Allah
    Alhumdolillah! What an excellent example we believers follow, a complete code of life.
    Al-Qur’an 21:107
    “And We have not sent you[O, Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.”

    Jazak Allah Khair , unmatched article!

  5. JazakAllah for this simply written yet powerful article. i want to specially make a comment on the segment: Honouring others time where you have written that we must shorten our sermon as there is charm in precise expression. How beautiful! But alas many of us think the more we speak the better impact it will leave. How wrong we are!

    Second comment is about Early rising. Please explain “untie your three knots”

  6. Well written article.
    What is the meaning of “untie your three knots” in the segment Early rising.

    I especially like the line: “Shorten your sermon, there is charm in precise expression ” Hope we all understand this!

  7. MashAllah, a great lesson.

    One thing I can say that has been a key factor in the barakah of Prophet Muhamad saws was his clear vision about his life. He spent all of his life into his mission.

  8. Mashallah nicely written.Its so amazing that the prophet or His wives never had time to be bored.Thier life had a mission which we have lost may Allah rekindle that mission in our lives. may Allah reward you brother

  9. Jazakallahu khayran yu’shau. I guess u were referring to me very helpful ,not happy I didn’t get a reply from brohter Taha or Abu productive.

    • @Aisha Hussain – Br. Yusha’u gave excellent advice. I just happened to come across this video clip yesterday on making change and showing respect to time:

      The key point that struck me is that we each have to change ourselves to see change around us. I’m hoping it will help you, and as the brother you’re concerned about begins to see your life becoming more significant, more successful, I pray it will be a means of guidance for him, in sha Allah.

      Lastly, do remember to continue to make lots of dua for yourself and him.

  10. Jazakallah khair ^_^ time is the only thing we don’t have control of , but we can manage it ! And if we manage it properly we can acheive wonders ! The son of adam is just made of time and as time fades away , he fades away too ! Great article , and very useful tips I tried them during my exams and was able to finish a studying material scheduled for 4 days in just one day so manage your time people and always put salah before studying as praying salah will help you focus more on your studying ! Peace be upon you all :D

  11. Asalam u Alykum. What time gets included in the early hours? Is it after fajr? Or waking up before fajr for tahajjud?

  12. Sister Ayesha .Assalamalaikum ,i had this similar problem . Believe u me, try dis. Keep on saying 1 hadith or another in a very beautiful manner. To start wind ,only da interesting ones , afterwards every hadith will look interesting. And make .hm realize Allah loves .hm sooo much. Plz don’t force .hm into nething .

  13. Maashaa allaah jazaku mullah khayr. this article is very helpful for one to start a new productive life based on islamic teachings