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  1. Alhamdoulillah … It is a very good idea of organising our daily tasks ar sometimes we have so nany things to do in a single and we end up Getting done with nothing!
    May Allah put Baraka in our time …amine

  2. Getting organized is the single most important characteristic, that separates successful and failures. The indispensable tools for getting organized are:
    1 – Decisiveness:
    2 – Time management.
    3 – Prioritizing the tasks by seeing their consequences on the future.
    4 – Setting deadlines.
    5 – Perseverance and tenacity.
    These all are discussed in this article elegantly. It would be helpful to read this article.

    • Salam. It is easier said than done! That’s my view on it. Ive got things that are giving me problems cause I havent finished it on time. And yet I dont do anything abt it. Ive got a plan, but it feels like shaitan is controlling me. Im praying that ill inshaAllah manage with the tasks.
      Great article as everyone else on this page

  3. its also helpful, when faced with a large task like “Finish Presentation/Paper”, to break it down into steps necessary to complete. For example: 1. Create Outline 2. Gather information 3. Bullet Major Topics/Talking Points 4. Build on Argument 5. Write Conclusion 6. Proof Read 7. Turn it in and then go outside and PLAY!

  4. What I usually do under immediate concerns is divide my day up into hours. I slot in every activity I want to do including my 10 minute youtube breaks if I’m doing heavy assignments for class. It helps you keep track of where you could improve on time management. This post is pretty helpful over.

  5. Masha Allah, very timely for me, practical and implementable. I like the use of the examples – made things much clearer.

  6. An excellent explanation of “Things To Do List” to stay on top of problems for business entrepreneurs, large and small, employees, students or even for problem solving of family matters at home. May the blessing of Allah be with us. Jazak Allah Khair. Thank you and Wassalam, Amzurial Ayub Chaniago.

  7. Ma’asha Allah that was a very good and simple explanation..and a step by step one too.

    Avoid Procrastination . May Allah reward all the brother and sisters behind this good work.

  8. Thank you all for the great comments! I hope you enjoyed reading the article and the steps were helpful. Thanks again for the feedback!

  9. Jazaki Allah khair for all the good advices and the effort
    May Allah put barakah in all muslims life and times.

  10. From past few time im working on managing my time. Every week all my days are busy including holidays as im doing 3 to 4 quran tazkia and grammer courses and house wife with 6 years old kid so have a lot of work to do but I always modeled the people who did great works in short period of life so I read alot about time management and try to apply in my life. So alhamdulillah after a lot of reading application and making a planner this friday im free from all my tasks which were always uncompleted till sunday :) so time management really works