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  1. Good points in the article and i agree with everything; starting from yourself, always reflect on your action and always give others the benefit of doubt. And only then you can have a healthy working environment.

    • As it is said, charity begins at home, similarly good habits should be applied on self first. Thank you. JazakAllah Khair

  2. As stated in your mail now a days there are many arguments taking place with the Boss & Employee and within the staff & higher authorities and the mail paves the way to curtail and avoid unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings and thereby will be able to work smoothly and peacefully provided we implements the contents of this mail. One good sentence or an advice is sufficient for a person if She or He put into action what they have learned from others. I thank for Productive Muslim for having given this piece of advice.

  3. Ma sha Allah, beautifully compiled and presented. These tips are aplicable to anywhere in day to day life. Jazakallah khair.

  4. Jazakallah for the beautiful reminder. Personally, I do not work yet but I still go to college in the Netherlands. There are a lot of religions in my school, which sometimes create arguments about the different visions. Especially people that don’t believe anything. It’s a kind of funny, we all have discussions but end up nowhere. Everything we earned by the ”arguments” was anger. So wallahi it’s best to say what you think and then leave it there. It’s not about knowing the most or getting right as it makes us hate each other a little bit without having gained anything. Insha Allah khayr.. :)

  5. well presented mashaallah, in the work place i’ve always been upfront and said things honestly, i find that honesty actually gains you more respect in the long term, my boss, at the time, always commended me for it, and i told them what i thought honestly about pretty bad marketing campaigns (lol) and bad hires (in some instances racist hires!, accidental ofcourse on his part) anyway, he now calls me regularly and gives me work on the side ontop of the normal work, as he knows that i’d always do it with full honesty and integrity.

  6. mashallah well written.I just wanted to share that Alhamdolillah in our school we very rarely face these issues the reason may be that we try to connect our employees to Allah all the time through meetings , morning sessions of Quran and Hadith, presentations etc.

  7. JazakALLAH, for a refreshing article. In workplace, or for that matter, any place, disagreement bound to happen which, if not managed properly leads to arguments. As said above, these gets personal leading us nowhere. Everything stated above is correct. And for maintaining a healthy and good working environment, this article will serve as a reminder.
    May Allah bless you in both the world’s.

  8. JazakALLAH. Very refreshing article. A reminder for all to maintain a healthy environment at our work place.
    May Allah bless you.

  9. Alhamdulillah wonderful tips.i do agree with the rest start with your own self .secondly be a good listener

  10. MashAllah, great advice. A Muslim must always keep cool and show the best of manners. Every act of ours can either give a good or bad impression about Islam. May Allah make us set good example, always.

  11. Selamu aleykum.I’m living in turkey.Also I’m computer engineer. I’d like to do something for Islamic studies with you

    • Salam Omer
      Appreciated. You are welcome. You can contact at my email address to share any of your ideas.
      Jazakallah khairan