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    • AlhamduLILLAH.Jazak Allah khair ,Sister Nasreen.I hope it is of benefit to you and other muslim brothers and sisters around the world.

      • Sister Farah !
        Assalam walekum!
        The thing you mention in point 2 of Step 3 i.e. “take control of your mind” is incredible because it says to dump the previous thoughts(good or bad) and motivates to discover the new ones in the present life. This recommendation is incomparable and ultimate. I have seen many people missing their earlier life whether it is childhood, student life, youth etc. but nobody dares to love the present or design the future and that’s why I loved your thought very much.
        Thanks for giving such a unique suggestion and please do provide me any medium to keep in touch with your articles directly.

        Allah Hafiz!

  1. This article really inspired me to think about the way I am constantly upset about small things, and indeed, waste a load of time and energy on those negative thoughts. Jazakillah khair to the author for enabling me to see the light. I really hope I act on the lessons learned from this beautifully written article.

  2. This is such a beautiful and well written article!!!!! Pinning it right away – I think I’ll want to read it again and again :-)

  3. Mashaallah, absolutely amazing article, very good job to the author. Alhamdulillah perfect timing, and just what i need. Jazak’Allah.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum. A really interesting read. May Allah allow us to benefit from these advices, especially me… JAZAAKALLAH KHAIRAN.

  5. SubhanAllah, very well written. I hope everyone who reads it will follow the tips and benefit from them
    Jazakumullah khair

  6. Thankyou so much for publishing this article. It’s very informative and has helped me understand a lot of things that can help strengthen my faith and behavior with those around me. May Allah bless you always.

  7. Such an inspiration; sometimes we need that extra kick to boost the positivity within us and this article does exactly the same. The author deserves much appreciation and should thank Allah that HE has bestowed her with the ability to guide others.

  8. Thank You sister Farah.May Allah bless you with the strength the to contribute further to enlighten us with productive life style tips.

  9. Masha Allah! A much needed – to – read article. May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala reward you abundantly in Dunya o Akhrah, ameen.

  10. Mashallah Jazakallahu Khayr we make tons of excuses for our actions which are based off of our inability to control our emotions.
    In reality we just have to learn how to control them.

  11. MashaAllah a beautiful article that sums up the ephemeral issues that occupy us everyday when rather we should be engaged in remembrance of Allah SWT.jazakAllah for all the practical tips to keep our minds more productive in seeking our deen.

  12. I -indeed- got great benefits from your valuable lines..
    As to me, controlling my emotions is a very big problem that i always suffer, but after reading, i’ll try to stick your advises, Allah Willing. May Allah reward you, sister, for your great effort.

  13. Assalam o alaikum,
    BismiLLAH e Rahman e Rahim,

    I recntly wrote a solution based articles on how to deal with stress . the 4 A rule as I call it.Due to copyright restrictions it is not available online but I just thought of sharing little bit of it here as an after thought.

    If it were not for the difficulties we face in our lives, we would have never been able to recognize our true potential.You don’t need to be strong all the time, you don’t need to be winning everytime , you don’t even need to be happy all the time.You need to be a muslim all the time and a muslim never loses hope.Keep trying, seeking help from Allah and hope for the best.
    …….Also as a Muslim, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are not triggering stress in anyone else’s life. Usually we do that , unintentionally by asking too many questions about someone’s personal life, weak points and any embarrassing aspect of their lives that they don’t want to share. Also avoid pointing out at other people’s anomalies or weaknesses.
    “Courage means to keep working a relationship, to continue seeking solutions to difficult problems, and to stay focused during stressful periods.”
    Denis Waitley

  14. A good dua:

    Do you feel that You are being overpowered by some bad feelings, moods or even some people?
    Then here is a Dua: Memorize it and recite it as much as possible:
    اللّهُـمَّ إِنِّي أَعْوذُ بِكَ مِنَ الهَـمِّ وَ الْحُـزْنِ، والعًجْـزِ والكَسَلِ والبُخْـلِوالجُـبْنِ، وضَلْـعِ الـدَّيْنِ وغَلَبَـةِ الرِّجال
    Allahumma inni ‘audhubika min al-hammi wal huzani,wal ‘ajzi wal kasali, wal bukhli wal jubni, wa dala’ad-dayni wa ghalabatal-rijâl.
    O Allah, I take refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts and from being over powered by men.
    Sahih Al Bukhari

    • “The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think” —David Icke
      You are responsible for what is in your head.Remember a negative mind cannot have positive thoughts.If you are told that the food your are about to eat is poisonous you would rather chose to be hungry than eat the poisonous food.Similarly if you know that a certain situation , person or experience can cause stress the don’t take the chance of digesting psychological poison.Be wise enough to remove yourself from places and situations that can be stressful.
      One of the reasons we find ourselves trap with stressful, useless commitments is our fear of saying NO.Saying No is not rude specially if you are avoiding a stressor.The way you say it has to be gentle, wise and accommodating. We don’t always need to shout, offend or abuse while saying NO.It can be said with a smile gracefully.
      Try to have clear priorities in life and whatever comes in your way to stop you getting to your goals has to be avoided.For example if you are asked to attend a late night party a day before your child’s exam , try to call, congratulate on the occasion and tell the host your reasons to miss the occasion. You can visit the host at a better time with a gift to compensate for the absence.

  15. Assalam-o-alaikum! Jazakillah khair for lowering my stress,actually sis i’m suffering from period of just bad assumption,i can’t control my feeling,always luking my husband suspiciously bcuz previously he have many girl friends,now he don’t, but it always hurts me to think about it,plzzzz sis help me,although i knw he loves me sincerely but a suspicion about him always disturb me,plzzzzzzz i need some peace….

    • Dear Sister Nayab,

      Allah SWT says:
      O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? You would detest it. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Accepting of repentance and Merciful.

      The fear of unkknown, suspecting without any ground reality is a psychological weapon of Shaitan and one way out is to practise the opposite.Try Reading Aoozo biLLAH e min as Shaitaan ir Rajeem whenever any negative thought comes across.

      Should you be needing a detailed answer which is beyond the scope of this discussion thread please feel free to contact me @

  16. Assalamualaikum sister :)
    Jazakallahu khairan for this article, sister. I really need this as I was affected with tremendous mood swings. You just made things easy for me. I noted the points down so that I can make use of it when I’m feeling down again. Inshaa Allah I’ll make duas for you and your family. Keep doing the great work!

    • Walaikum salam warahmatuLLAH,

      Dear Sister Nahla, Indeed my family and I am in need of your prayers.
      Love, dua and salam


  17. Emotional crisis are created by our brain, and it is just illusion… I really liked this part. Already feeling good. Thanks

  18. Assalamualaikum brother. May Allah bless you and please remember me in your prayers. My ties may not stop but I have firm faith in Allah that I can control my emotions per the directions given and HE will help me to do so. I am a newly married man and I am suffering from this emotional disease. My name is Ishaque Bin Usman from Ghana. Jazakallah.