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  1. I really like the idea of replaying the thoughts in your head and detaching yourself from them, masha’Allah. In terms of Islamic duties like praying salah, or extra worship, I find the best technique is to simply do it. Usually the excuse is laziness, because we all know about the benefits (and consequences), so its tough to rationalize the mind out of laziness. Just do it before a second thought even enters the mind. 

    • Yes Brother Sameen, the visualization part is very critical especially when you’re not sure where to start from.Praying Salat should already be a habit and we wouldn’t need to use it except that sometimes we feel “glued” as when we need to wake up, are in the midst of a work that we desperately want to finish or we’re just watching t.v..In this case make sure you have the action clear in mind(in this case Salat), then see yourself performing a very small action. It could be putting down the pen,lifting the blanket or lowering the volume of the t.v., then do the next smallest action and so on till you find yourself standing for prayer. After a little practice you’ll simply head for the Masjid as soon as you hear the Adhan Insha’Allah, before,as you well said “a second thought even enters our mind”.

  2. assalam o alaikum,
    i have been doing this blank mind thing for my whole life but didnt give it a name and didnt just stop and actually think of the steps to it. i just blank out and jump to what must be done without thinking more about anything else until my task is done.but sometimes shaitan gets the best of me.

  3. good posting ukhti.. i need this post.. ALLAh guide me to read this posting.. it’s really similar with my conditions.. i often make schedule for my daily activities with many task and worship’s activities, but than i make some excuses that make i failed to follow my list in that schedule.. i hope i can practice this tips and work to me :)

  4. this is really good !! mashallah!! indeed procrastination is one of the evils with which shaitan distracts us from all tasks that are good for us in this dunya and help us make our akhirah better.. will iA try it out today..:))

  5. subhanallah.. it’s really inspiring and so practical
    thanks for writing this :D I really want to be a writer like everyone on this site
    May Allah bless us all :)