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  1. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Jazakalla khairan. I’m studying medicine. I have a goal to become the batch topper .In Shaa ALLAH.

    But sometimes I couldn’t concentrate with my studies & become sleepy while lecturing. I was really upset about it. This article gave me hope…. With your help I think I’ll achieve my goal. Jazakallah khairan. Fi amanillah

  2. Hello sir

    First of all thank u so much for creating this website .and putting so much information which we dont no .
    And it is a very nice concept which u hve started .
    I have read it first time and i dont no about that productive muslim .com .
    And i thank full to allah that i visited this site and i gain so much information which i am looking into my studied which i am nit finded any were .

    So sir very very thankfull for putting such information in the quran and our day to day life .

    Sir plz if u have more article can u mail me actually the thing is i am not been able to buy ur book it is very costly for me because in my country the approx cost is around 600 rs means 9 dollar and this amt is very expensive bor me ..
    But inshallah in future definitely i will buy if i ll get the book available in my home country.

    Plz send to me on my email id so i can read out and gain knowledge ..
    Jazak allah

    aslamshaikh030@gmail. com