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  1. Salams Sister, 
    May Allah reward you for reminding us of the importance of the early morning hours. These tips are really going to help me because i was intent on waking up for fajr and not falling back asleep.
    Jazakullah Kheir sister. 

  2. Quick question… I do not have any way to take the mid-day nap (as I get very busy at office work). So it is bit difficult for me to stay throughout the day. Any tips?

    Anyone over here please do help me.

    May Allah reward you.

    • Couple of tips: 1. Speak to your management about the importance of power napping and how early your day starts. Your manager would be more interested to see you productive and healthy than sleeping and tired during the day. 2. If that’s not possible, find a quiet area to take a short nap, all you need is 20m which you can get during lunch time or any other break and you’ll feel very refreshed.

      • Thanks for your immediate respose,

        Well, we do not have such segregated places in our office. Even if I find some there will be constant disturbances when people go around. Further, me or most of us do extremely busy jobs. (Alhamdhulillah I somehow manage to pray the fardh prayers with the sunnah rakaths) All these years I’ve been waking up for Fajr, pray recite qur’an, morning adkar and nap for 1-2 hours. Feel guilty :o

        I’m sure there are lot of people having similar working conditions. Something innovative on this topic is going to be SO USEFUL.

        May Allah reward you!

        • I have an idea: how about if you try to innovate a solution around this and share with follow readers. As you mentioned, everyone’s working condition is different, so to see how a busy person can get a power nap would be interesting to all. Personally I prefer the first option of speaking to management as their support will ensure that you don’t feel guilty about this and that you show good results if you do take the power naps.

          • haha I actually
            started my day soon after sahar, and pushed myself till night. Today is the 3rd
            day. I’m having a slight headachish feel by the time its Asr. Since I’m so
            tired I hit the bed soon after Isha. But I hope if I get used to this lifestyle
            I should be able to overcome the difficulties, with the help of the Almighty!

            But I swear
            starting the day early is sooo productive, positive and energetic. I could feel
            the blessings of Allah, through the dua of our ever Beloved Prophet (S.A.W)!

            Thanks a lot and
            May Allah reward you plentifully … May Allah give us the strength to balance
            both deen and Dunya matters.

          • would you be able to power nap in your car? I used to do that when I went to work. I would set my alarm on my cell and nap in the back seat…

    • Sharmila if you go to bed early at night you will have enough sleep, so that you do not need to have nap at mid-day
      hop that helps u

    • My suggestion is close ur eyes about 10minuts….
      Maybe after you pray dzuhur…. Or on lunch time…
      Try it
      In sha Allah its help…

  3. but after doing all this i feel so tired in the school…i literally have headaches….!!!
    is it just a whisper from shaitan i have?

  4. these are great tips masha’allah but i see no mention of Salat-ush-Shuruq (or Ishraq salah) which happens right after sunrise. Not while the sun is rising but right after that. Most prayer calendars have the timing noted on them as ‘Sunrise.’

  5. Assalamu Alaikum to everyone.
    Masha Allah this articles was very useful.quick question….please give me some tips to wake up early for tahajjud and fajr. im eagerly awaiting the reply.please help me muslim brothers and sisters.

    • Recite ayatul kursi 3 times Allah will protect you throughout the night read the dua before sleep then pray to Allah to give you taufeeq to pray tahajjud insha Allah you will wake up

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these tips, I always make plans and never stick to them!! I will start practicing these tips and I pray to Allah to give us all the power to stick to them!! Jazaky Allah khayran :)

  7. My spouse and I was discussing about sleeping after Isya’, here in Singapore, Isya’ is at 8pm, we don’t normally sleep like 8.30pm – too early, even the news has not started. However, according to him the Sahabahs prayed Isya’ very late – how late is late?
    Any evidence?

  8. Salaams,this really works,you feel spiritually elevated and no matter how tiring your day is ,you somehow feel you need to make more ibadaat and you do! Your day is only productive when all your salaah is read,quraan recited and if you can nafl ibadaat…nothing else matters…shukran Shenaaz

  9. please try to put the option of printing or downloading the document because we don’t have internet every time so it is a problematic situation to ref. any article

  10. Thanks a lot great article indeed ! just in time when i’m in a urgent need of such tips ! Can you write the dua “Alhamdulillahi allathee ahyaanaa ba’da maa amaatanaa wa ilayhin nushoor.” with the Arabic transcriptions ?

  11. Salam sister,
    May Allah reward you !
    Ok, this time I will waking up for fajr and have a long and productive day. And I’m 100% agree with you when you say that it’s easier to read Coran on the morning. I start monday !

  12. Salam alaykum. Thank you for these great tips, may Allah reward you for your efforts. I found this article really great, I still have one question though: what if Ishaa is at 10pm and fajr is at 3:30am? What is the best solution then in terms of praying fajr and taking advantage of the early morning hours?

    • Walykum assalam,
      JazakAllah khair

      3 Tips: 1. Ensure that you sleep with wudhu and making the intention to wake up for Fajr (also, read the duas before sleeping) 2. Sleep the appropriate number of sleep cycles to wake up on time, find out what time you should set the alarm using this website 3. When you wake up pray fajr,exercise, take a shower and have a big breakfast and you’ll be awake for at least few more hours! 


  14. This is beautiful.
    The whole website. :D
    I love self grooming articles but all other website dont flow with islam.
    And I really appreciate the concept to make muslims lead a smarter and more productive life, the way our Prophet (pbuh) did.
    Jazak Allah

  15. Thank you so much for helping my family and i create these habits as we are getting used to them and becoming more productive and always are waking up for fajr. may Allah bless you and your family as well

  16. Alsalam alykom Jazakom Allahh khayran..there is a point I dun understand should I sleep after shoruk and after morning prayers?  or do u advice staying up for the rest of the day after fajr?

  17. My advice is please try your very best to pray salatul tahajud as your doas are answered as allah awaits which one of his humble servants cry and seek for his forgiveness.the rewards are amazing all my fellow muslim bro and sisters may allah swt guide us to the straight path ameen ameen yarabal alamin.assalamualaikum.

  18. Assalaamu alaikum.
    I used to sleep at 10.30 pm and ll get up by 5.00 am for fajar. after prayer i feel to sleep for an hour ., is that permitted to sleep after fazar prayer and also want to get know that whether my sleeping schedule is enough for healthy sleep.

    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah,

      Your schedule sounds good and you’re getting 6.5 hours of sleep at night, which is great, mashaAllah. I’d recommend not sleeping after Fajr to make use of the blessed early morning hours. You can, alternatively, take a quick power nap around early noon (also known as a siesta (qayloolah in Arabic) which is from the Sunnah).

  19. Salaam aleikum brothers and sisters and may Allah ta ala help us all to worship Him better.
    What has worked for me is to gradually increase the amount of time I spend awake before and after fajr. If you do it gradually your body will get used to it.
    I started at just 30mins a year ago, now I am up to 3 hours.
    I need to sleep no later than 9:30 in order to make it….so have to be disciplined.
    working as a busy doctor, if I can do it, anyone can..
    Ask Allah ta ala to help you, depend on Him alone and put in the effort


  20. Like any islamic website I visit I see the importance of waking up Fajr. Personally I really like to wake up early. However, those who we live in the west we have a very critical schedule. Sometimes, it makes us depressed failure to do so and keep watching these reminders. Like, I work 3.00 pm to 11.30pm. The workplace is quite far from house. So I reach home around 1.30 am. Anyone can say I can sleep later on. But i go to college like 8am to 1pm. So there is no chance to take rest in the middle of the day.

  21. thxs a lot for this i don’t get the duha prayer what wud u say for the intention and do u mean i can pray it 20 mins after sunrise i don’t get ’45 minutes until zuhr prayer’ thcs a lot again :)

  22. Maashaa Allah , Jazakumullahu kheyran for this Tips, it is very useful, i was straggling to stay awake after fajr, subhan-Allah so i went to google and typed in how can i stay awake after fajr and i found this beautiful tips of productive muslim, am so happy, proud to have “productive Muslim” alhmdulillah, keep up doing Good, My Allah reword you for your good deed in this life and in the hereafter

    • Assalaamu alaikum Br. Mohamed,

      Thank you very much for reaching out to us with your question. I’d love to share tips that would help you, but I’m afraid I don’t quite understand your question. What do you mean by ‘cabbah’?

  23. May the Almighty Allah reward your writing, bless you with wisdom, accept your ibadah and grant you Aljannatul firdaus. This is one thing most muslim struggle with. “Going back to sleep after fajr prayers “. Your words are beneficial for me and I would surely try to adapt.

  24. i am a muslim brother who use to f ollow sunnah prohet mohammad (s.a.w)may allahu subuana wataala plz with us n be,open all brothers n sisters in islam n our prohet Ameen

  25. I have been studying sleep cycles and waking for fajr for some months. In the past 2 weeks I have tried a few combinations.

    1. Staying up till the time of fajr without sleeping

    pro – you can pray on the blessed time of the final 3rd of the night
    Pro – you pray fajr early as was recommended by prophet SAW
    con – when I go to sleep after praying Fajr I am by the then very tired and fall into a deep sleep waking mid morning about 10am to have any chance of being fresh and also having to sleep again in the afternoon

    2. Sleeping a bit late maybe after or close to midnight until 30 mins after start of fajr then sleeping again after fajr prayer

    Pro – you get to catchup more sleep after fajr
    Con – I found after fajr if I go back to bed I fall into a heavy sleep and struggle to wake up again and often oversleep
    Con – I find it hard to wake for fajr if I have gone to sleep after midnight

    3 – Sleeping early, as close as possible after praying Isha, then waking at start time of fajr and remaining awake after fajr prayer

    Pro – more sleep before fajr makes it easier to rise for fajr
    Pro – staying awake after fajr was a sunnah of the Prophet PBUH
    Pro – there are blessings to be had at that time until sunrise
    Pro – With good discipline that time can be productive
    Pro – Start the day in a good mood

    Con – Tiredness may catchup during mid morning around 11am
    Con – Difficult to resist going back to bed after fajr especially on cold days

    My conclusion is that of the 3 options above I was most productive with option 3 but it is also the most difficult to implement as it requires discipline to sleep early and to remain awake after Fajr.

    At the moment Isha is prayed in Jammat at 10:15pm and I get after home after praying by 10:45pm, my aim is to sleep by 11pm and wake for fajr which is 4am, the goal is then to remain awake and start my day. This will give me 5 hours sleep but I will reserve the option to catchup 1 hour anywhere between between 11am and 2pm.

    As the nights get shorter the time of Isha will get later and fajr will get earlier so this will be challenging but my key goal is to sleep soon after Isha and wake on time for fajr and make it a rule to remain awak a minimum of six hours after fajr.

    My rationale behind this is there are 2 types of sleep which I experience. If I have woken from a sleep and pray fajr I am kind of 75% awake and becoming more alert if I go back to bed I trigger a deep sleep which last another 5 hours.
    If I stay awake after fajr and allow myself to wake fully by having some tea getting some fresh air, I am able to stay awake for 5 hours before I start to feel tiredness, but when I do take a nap after this tiredness catches up with me it is a shorter more compact sleep which is less than 2 hours after which I feel very fresh and alert.

    So in my opinion the best combination which fits the sunnah and is most productive is as follows.

    – Sleep soon after Isha (use common sense in winter months)
    – Wake on time for fair
    – Remain awake after fajr
    – Take a nap later on the day if needed but not before you have been awake for at least 5 hours
    – Ensure your nap is not longer than 2 hours, 1 hour is the recommended, if you can refresh on less that is even better
    – Try not to nap after Asr or too late in the day as you may not be able to sleep easily after Isha on the same day

  26. JazakAllah

    @Adam I’m used to your Routine#1 for last 10 years and now I realized i wasted my life though I could get 3rd of night and fajar but have never been be able to wake up after that.

    InshaAllah now it’s my target to follow Routine#3.

  27. jazakalahu khairan,have learn alot in dis website,everyday,4 us to impliment dis wil help us muslims to be content wit Allah as our lord and Islam as our Deen and Muhammad salalorhu alaihi wasalam as our prophet,am happy to be here,Allah made things happen 4 a reason,ALHAMDULILAH.

  28. Where l live we pray salat Isha around midnight end salat fajr 3.30 so is very difficult not to go back to bed any tips .

    • Assalamo aleykom

      For the right time of fejr take 1h30mins from sunrise time and that is the true start of fejr. Wa Allaho a3lem. Anything earlier can be too early to be fejr and the problem with this is that a lot of prayer timetables contain this mistake but very very few correct them so people think it is fejr while it is still the last third of the night.

      You can look it up it is a scholarly opinion that the real fejr starts one hour and a half before sunrise, NOT earlier than that. Just like isha starts 1h30mins after maghreb already.

      May Allah forgive my mistakes if I made any.

      I would recommend to look it up on if you want evidence from hadith and scholarly opinions.

      Wa assalamo aleykom. Hope it helps :)

  29. Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rohmatu Llaahi wa barokaatuhu! Jazakumu Llaahu khayiir for these useful tips! May Allah reward all of you with Jannah! Ameen.

  30. Sleep early 1hr after isya’..tahajjud 1hr before fajr (subuh)…read Quran..Dhuha..In shaa Allah..your morning will be wonderful..Aameen..

  31. Really Productive Muslim articles are tuned with age. Yes we need steve covey thought in Islamic perspective. Really a great effort from this group to empwer the community and sure it is a wake up call.

    All the best .

    Shafeeque, Thalassery. Kerala. India.

  32. Assalamu alaikum
    Thanks alot for sharing this info…may allah reward for all ur great efforts..keep doing like dis…am student n usually sleep aftr subhi…wake after 8.30…so i was looking for dis kind of articl..thanx alot…

  33. Salam, can have accountability buddy’s who help u wake up by buzzing u on ur mobile and if u happen to be married can probably ask your spouse to wake u up or something like that :)


  35. Aslameleukim
    My question is when in summer Fajar is too early and isha is too late in night, then how can one sleep enough? Can one go to sleep after Fajar prayers? As far I understood sleeping after Fajar is disliked in Islam. Also it is the time of Barakah. Please comment.