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  1. this happens to be frequently..where i get buz wit dawah activities,,,want 2 be perfect and pure,nd more close 2 ma rab….jazakallah 4 da writing..

  2. this site..u people…wAllahi u are a blessing in my life…these articles..all ov them..arise when i need them the most…i’m a quiet follower…but wanna say… 
    realy may Allah reward u…a great job….with a very honest intention allhumdulillah!
    may Allah be with you…bless u alot more than u ask for… ameen ameen ameen!!

  3. Wow mashaAllah !!! I’m so glad i found the productive Muslim team alhumdulillah! You’re actually Allahs way of reaching me and addressing my concerns! I had been worried for the same reasons since the past five months now and you gave me an answer:) jazakAllah! May Allah reward you for your wonderful work!