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  1. Jazahkum Lahi for this article, just to buttress your point, writing down what makes you happy and what makes you sad is a way of becoming a better Muslim, I do that and it has greatly help me, this article is spot on…May almighty ALLAH reward you…

  2. Salaam. May ALLAH SubhaanaHU wa Ta’aalaa, The Beneficent, The Merciful reward you abundantly. This is a wonderful and useful article. You have virtually touched all aspects of how to be happy and it tallied with the practicality of which I experienced. In addition ,sometimes it may be that one has to undergo hormonal balance test and be advised medically. Also, food supplements may be necessary as most foods nowadays are devoid of elements for metabolic as well as physical well being. All the necessary steps required, you will be led to take if you do your zthikr and du’a for good health. Research on the Beautiful Names of ALLAH and invoke using The Quality responsible for manifestation of good health. May the all best of ALLAH’S blessings, peace and salutations be with HIS SERVANT and MESSENGER, MUHAMMADURRASUULULLAH

    • Salam Dr. Nurallah, Thank you so much for your kind and helpful words. Your medical perspective is very valuable and important to consider too. May Allah bless you for your sincere advice. Ameen.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Well written article sister. May Allah guide us all to the path of success & happiness.
    جزاك اللهُ خيرًا

  4. This is a tough subject and I assume remembering any of the letters in the PACES would be helpful such as prayer or patience, accepting, resorting to coping skills and or exercise. Nicely done. I believe your book discusses that engaging in actions that pleases Allah (swt), will make one happy regardless. An example is helping a needy or elderly person, or speaking out the truth to an audience who is ignorant ,with courage and dignity, w/o fear of repercussions. Great work.

  5. Assalam Alaikum,
    This is a wondderful article. Its content and the way it is presented is just awesome. As mentioned in a comment above, it is very practical. Anybody who is willing to bring a change easily practice these tips.

    When I get bored or need to motivate myself, i used to read this type of articles. I have noticed that I am already practicing most of the things you have mentioned. It helped me to feel better. Now I have a feeling that I am on the right track, just needs to be determined to do it consistently.

    May Allah bless your work and grant you Jannah. Wish that we all have the ability to contribute to our society like you.

    • Walaikum As salam warahmatullah wabarakatu,
      Thank you so much for your positive words. Yes, I believe that inside us we know what to do to improve our lives, and these articles are good reminders. May Allah bless you and grant you Jannah as well!

  6. Mashallah! im so impressed with this article…. i read this article just the time when i needed it the most.. Jazakallah khair :)

  7. JazakAllah Khair!! I in all sincerity, have not come across any article so beautifully written and inspiring. Half through the article itself i was smiling and had a happy feeling that I was reading something very beneficial and practical at the same time.May Allah give more power to your pen! What an inspiring write up, May Allah Swt bless you and reward you for your efforts, in the highest scales.I am not going to stop reading it just once, i will read it again and again for its inspiration and the positivity it so much reflects.Loved it :) :) It is amazing how people like you are blessed to be a source of positive energy for the rest. May Allah keep you in His mercy, love and protection.Ameen. Keep writing !!

    • Dear Sister, your kind words have increased my positive energy. JazakAllah khair for encouraging me in my work. May Allah (swt) bless you for your kindness and envelop you in His mercy, love, and protection as well. Ameen. :)

  8. Assalamu alikum,great article mashallah.Inshallah we should apply this tips in our daily life,starting first with our five daily prayers and reciting quran and implementing it.jazakallah khairan for such a beautiful and beneficial article,may allah reward u and ur family,pray for all the muslims around the world who are suffering.

    • Wa alaikum as salam Nikhath,
      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, our 5 daily prayers and reciting Quran are extremely important for being a happier Muslim. Wa iyaa kum and may Allah reward you and your family and ameen to your beautiful duaa for our brothers and sisters around the world.

  9. Assalam u Alaikum,mashallah very beneficial article ,actions that really gives me happiness are when I read Quran with under standing and share it with others , or when I talk about Allah subhanahuwatalla with my students.we can also feel happy when remember the happy moments of our life.And when I feel stressed I cry and talk to Allah subhanahuwatalla,ask him for help and Alhamdulillah this really makes me feel relaxed.May Allah bless you for your work.

    • Wa alaikum as salam, thank you so much for your kind words and awesome tips. I also enjoy reading the Quran with understanding and reflection and talking about Allah (swt). And when you use your stressed times as a means to reach out and seek Allah’s help, you are turning your problems into a means to worship Allah.

  10. Jzk Allahu khairan sister, beautiful article. I have shared to my family and friends. I will be writing ‘paces’ on my phone web page for constant reminder.

  11. Assalamualaikum and jazakAllah khairan for a wonderful article!!
    Just want to share one personal tip which almost always gives me the energy boost of hope and happiness… whenever I feel down and depressed due to some mistake of mine or any other such thing, the tendency is to become lazy and do nothing because the shaitan whispers that now you have no energy left… or its no use to do anything anymore… the moment this thought enters my mind the inner alarm bells start ringing and so I force myself to get a pen and paper and write the two words: “what next?” and then I jot down the time… and continue with a small plan about the things I can do which might make a positive difference to myself or others or both!
    this list gives me the hope and acting on it gives me the happiness i need to move on with life and try to make myself as beneficial as possible… for myself and also for others:)
    Just sharing so that it might be useful for others…
    May Allah keep us on the straight path always… ameen

    • Dear Sis. Shaheen,
      May Allah (swt) reward you so much for sharing such an amazing tip. I love the idea of jotting “what next” when you are in a lazy mood. I am sure we can all relate and use this awesome idea. I love lists in general and writing down what you want to do in life.
      Wa alaikum as salam and ameen to your dua!

      • jazakAllah khairan for your reply to my comment… I appreciate the fact that you have responded quite often to the comments from your readers because it is a great encouragement for the ones who take time and write a few lines… so thanks a lot and may Allah put immense barakah in your efforts ameen.
        In fact I also have a blog where I have put together my humble contribution to the cause of spreading Allah’s message. I was wondering if you’d like to visit it?

        • MashAllah Alhamdulillah I just visited your blog and it looks fantastic. I saved it to my “favorites” and I intend to visit it more and to encourage others to benefit from it. May Allah (swt) reward you for your work for our beloved deen. I hope that other readers will visit your blog insha’Allah. I encourage you to write an article for and hopefully this will increase the awareness of your blog.

  12. Masha Allah! JazakAllah! Thank you so much for the inspiration and motivation. I really need this now. I hope I will be able to go through and overcome this trial, hardship & difficulty and finally achieve the inner peace you mentioned in your article.

  13. Jazakallah hu khair may Allah always keep u happy n in good health very useful tips to be happy n also important thanx once again

  14. Assalamu Alaikum, Im always delighted to read such articles that give food for thought and practice. It indeed is a guide to being a happy Muslim. May Allah swt bless you and guide all of us towards the straight path Ameen

  15. SubhanAllah, this is a very inspiring and beneficial post! In the present world which is filled with much negativity than ever before, learning how to live positively and productively is crucial, working towards a life of submission to Allah (swt)! Your article is a very relevant one for many in today’s world; JazakAllahKhair for sharing this beautiful positivity with us, and may Allah (swt) make all of us able and ready to harness positive energy, idea’s, etc., when ever we find them, and may He (swt) illuminate us with the Light of Guidance, ameen! :D Looking forward to a future article from you, inshaAllah! Keep up the good work inshaAllah dear Councilor!!!
    **P.S: Alhumdulillah DIY projects make me feel happy and productive! Going green, recycling and upcycling projects are so fun and such stress relievers, inshaAllah! You can find really cute idea’s for these projects on Pinterest btw :) **

    • Dear Hussam, I really appreciate your kind and encouraging comments. I love your duaa for Allah (swt) to help us to harness positive energy and to illuminate us with His Light of Guidance. And also thank you for your suggestion to live “greener” lives. It does feel good to take care of our planet and environment.

  16. This is a very inspiring article which gives a clear idea and very practical thoughts to handle the negative feelings of life. Thanking you and may Allah bless you with more knowledge.

  17. Salam Sis Sheima,

    Your article came at the right time.. I was going through a difficult time and feeling lost past few weeks and when I opened my mail, I saw this. It is like as though Allah answered my prayers immediately through you. May Allah reward you abundantly!

    • Salam dear Sister,
      Thank you so much for your heartwarming comment. I feel honored that you feel that Allah (swt) answered your prayers through me. May Allah bless you and bring you nearer to Him and help you in your time of hardship.

  18. Asalaamu-Alaikum Sister SHeima,

    I read your article it was really helpful because it gives the islamic perspective and refers to Quran and Sunnah. I would like your book How to be a happy muslim. I looked on Amazon and the other link but could not find it. Please can you let me know how I could get it.
    Khaaldiah x

    • Wa alaikum as salam dear Sis. Khaaldiah,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for your support of my book. Insha’Allah, my book will be published next month. May Allah (swt) continue to bless you!

  19. Assalamu Alaykum

    I am so delighted to have found this article ( and this entire site actually ), Sometimes we need to be reminded on how to deal with ourselves, I’ve had such a hard time dealing with my mind lately and I thank Allah that he has brought me towards your inspiring words. I intend to take your advice and hope that with this and the help of the Almighty Allah ( swt ), I can work towards being a better person to myself and others.

    Cant wait for your book,

    Jazakallah Khair for sharing your knowledge

  20. Hello Sis,

    You article is very helpful and almost half the points am already doing. However I have just one problem that the girl I love the most and want the most in this life she is not interested in me. I dont want relationship advice but i am asking because the thought of wanting her had been in my mind every time from morning to dusk and in every supplication i feel like i ask her in my dua. Whatever i do her thought pop up in my mind and i cant concentrate on anything. Also, i dont know if we can supplicate like.. “O Allah, please marry me to so and so ” because i do this everytime. Is there a way to get rid of this situation??

    And i am sorry and IGNORE if such question are not your concerns. Thanks