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  1. Not just a well written article but one with practical benefit to both
    the young and old and even the Muslim and non-Muslim. I am very prone
    to forgetfulness about these things. This serves as a practical reminder for myself. May Allah reward you for this effort.

  2. JazaakAllah for this superb article…serving with simple words as a strong reminder what we need to do and in which circumstances. May you continue beneffitting the ummah in this worlfld and get the rewards for it in the After-world. Keep the good work…

  3. Wow SubhaanAllaah that was beautiful, 7iyyak Allaah In shaa Allaah, may Allaah protect you sis wa a7ibuki Fillah ya ukhtee!

  4. salam
    thank you sister for this beutiful post.
    I have just undergone a major surgery in a foreign country. I donated my liver to my dad.
    We are recovering but it is challenging..the op itself , the recovery as well as being away from our relatives and friends.
    Your article certainly helped me to re-focus my intentions of coming here and I hope Allah gives me the strength as we go through the recovery phase. Otherwise Alhamdulillah everything is going smoothly for us and I really can’t complain.
    Its just sometimes , I feel weak.

  5. Excellent article!Such articles are the need of the hour as many Muslims are facing many hardships on many fronts,(spiritual,work front or in relationship),and that is the time when the person looses his cool easily.
    May Allah bless you for a great service you providing to the community with such insightful articles.

  6. Assalamulykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.
    Dear brothers & sisters,

    On September 29th, my Dad, Dr. Khurshid Hassan Khan, loss his conscience and fell on the floor after he got out of the chair in his room. Subsequently, he had a major surgery to fix his broken vertebra. He is in ICU, unable to move most of his limbs. Doctors are removing his intubation today. If this goes well, he may be able to communicate to us. Allah (SWT) willing, we can then work with his limbs through rehabilitation.

    My parents are retired doctors. They raised six siblings. Alhumdulillah we are married with children. My Dad enjoys reading and writing shaiery (Poetry). He has a very strong believe in Allah (SWT) and always reminded us to keep hope and faith. He is a selfless individual. He has helped others in many ways. Growing-up, I saw my Dad cry, console, encouraged and pray for others during their most difficult times and I also observed him to praise them during the best of their times. I never saw my Dad asking anything in return or ever expressing to us what he wished he had as a present. Dad cherished our personal greetings and read them many times. He wrote personal greetings, poems for us as well as his friends and most of the people in our extended families–he personally presented his expressions during celebrations. Today, my Dad is unable to hold a pen or speak.

    Dear Brothers and Sisters across the world please join me in making a strong supplication for my Dad’s quick recovery:

    -Oh Allah, I believe that You are the mighty and you are the most beneficent and the most merciful.
    -Ya Allah, I ask for full recovery of Khurshid Hassan Khan.:
    ‘As’alu Allah al ‘azim rabbil ‘arshil azim an yashifika (read 7 times)
    -Ya Allah, I ask that Khurshid Hassan Khan is able to walk, talk and use his limbs better than he has done before.
    -Ya Allah, I ask that Khurshid Hassan Khan is able to spend many years with his wife, children and grand children so he can continue to build his bond and spread his wisdom to others.
    -Oh Allah, please forgive our sins.
    -Oh Allah, keep us on the right path that you prescribed for us.
    -Oh Allah, give Strength to Khurshid Hassan Khan and his family during this most critical time.
    -Ya Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful please accept our prayers and keep our families in your protection. Ameen Ya Rab!

    JazakAllah khair

    • Walekum Assalam sister,

      How is your father now? Hope he is recovering and will integrate into family life soon.

      He is in my dua.

      Have sabr.

      “O Lord of the people, remove this pain and cure it, You are the one who cures and there is no one besides You who can cure, grant such a cure that no illness remains”.

  7. Please dua for me i am passing through the dificult phase, since 8months i am jobless and struggling to get the job. Nothing is materialising, Need for your duas.
    Do remember me in your duas.

  8. The article is very interesting .It help us to accept ALLAH decree and as a creature to submit to the will of the Creator.ALLAH HOU AKBAR ALLAH is Great.

  9. Very good article, demonstrates everything is from Allah SWT and can be taken away to test the patience and faith of his slaves. In times of difficulty the shaitan will try harder to lead you into disbelief so we must try harder to keep faith and the key is to be patient, keep trusting Allah SWT, maintain or increase your prayer and dikr and never lose heart. This article is very relevant for me as I lost my job and found myself unemployed and moving towards financial difficulty, I count my blessings that are intact such as health and family and accept this test is from Allah to test my patience and strengthen my Taqwa. I pray that when Allah answers my Dua and I find relief from this difficulty I am able to continue with the same level of patience and taqwa and not over time be forgetful and become ungrateful for his mercys.

  10. Subhanallah..such a beautiful reminder.. may Allah always keeps us among the slaves whom patience and grateful always prospers in their hearts..

  11. After reading this article , I have realised that I have been very ungrateful and impatient during my hardships and trials. Every time something happens to me first thing I do is ask “why do you do this to me Allah.” I just read that when Allah tests a person and he reacts with ingratitude and impatience and complains and resents everything bad that befalls him, then verily that is a sign of Allah’s wrath and punishment. For good and patient people these trials are a means of forgiveness and salvation but for ungrateful and impatient people this same trials are a sign of their sins and punishment. I am suffering for the past 3 years. I have not yet got my relief. Now I know why. So please tell me the best way that I can seek forgiveness from allah and show Allah that I am grateful and patience. If I am being tested. I want it to be a form of expiation for my sins and get closer to Allah . I do not want to be the lose and earn Allah’s anger and despise. Please help me!

  12. Its a very good article and good reminder for us. It helps me to relieve my burden, the story of prophet Ayub is great inspiration of the human kind.

  13. Massallah , very true inspartional Remimnder
    From the story of the Quran , May Allah ( swt ) bless
    You sister , and I and the whole Ummah benefit from
    Gaining SABBER , to Earn Alllah ( swt ) Reward with out reckoning, Ameen Ya Rabb

  14. This is a very good job that is highly rewarding, please keep it up. Jazakallahu Khayran . Meanwhile I have been trying to link up with your articles subscription but I couldn’t get through, can you please help me out.

  15. I am going through tough times….n there are so many people which include my family member they are also get involved in this crucial suituation… I can bear whatever befalls on me but I can’t see them in such situations, I think I am the reason of their sadness…:(

  16. Alhamdulillah for your life my dear sister. And alhamdulillah for the gift of Islam. Thanks so much for the reminder. It came at the opportune time for me. Thank you for making my day. May Allah ease each and every muslem of any hardship and grant us a firm heart and patience to withstand all the trials that will befall us in this transient world.

  17. Very informative , well written , helpful . All consoling sentences required are gathered at one page . Amazing !!! Thank you so much for writing such a nice article,