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  1. This is a good one because it has really confirmed what a sheikh was encouraging muslims to be doing excercise.
    Another is my biggest challenge about gymnaseums in cities where men and women are mixing together in the name of excercise. Muslims should do something to avoid this in the muslim cities in order to save the ummah.
    Thank you all

    • Assalaamu alaykum, sister Nura.
      I thought about what you said and I have written some ideas. In sha’ allah you find them useful:
      I live in a large U.S. city and I use the gym where both men and women go. This has not been an issue for me as I wear hijab built in to my sports clothing (there are some great styles out there!) The clothing is not heavy or hot, but covers me well.
      On my ipod I listen to a lesson on something I am learning (Roman law, Arabic, or constitutional law- whatever you like!). This helps me focus on something productive in my ears and my muscles! It also keeps my mind on something other than all the other people working out, although I generally just keep my eyes down and listen to my lesson.
      As for the men/college students that go to the gym, I have never had an issue. If I need something one of them is using, I simply ask nicely and they are happy to use something else while I use the equipment/weights. Because I believe lifting is important for women I am often in the section of the gym where there are more men than women. Nonetheless, I feel comfortable by sticking to the habits that I mentioned.

      Stick to these tips (good clothing for coverage to keep you feeling comfortable; lessons on ipod to focus on something instructive; and polite behavior if I have to speak with a man in the gym) and I believe you will find the gym an excellent source of energy and renewal.

      Good luck! And remember, there are few things inherently negative for the ummah. As Muslims, we are the members and we can make our experiences negative or positive, whether in the Mosque or at the gym.

      Note: If you are only speaking about cities in majority Muslim countries, then I am not sure if these same suggestions apply. I would suggest looking for an all-women gym/workout center.

  2. Thank you for your interesting article. One of my family is overweight and loves food and goes for walking but this is not eough. She said the best way I reduce weight is to to go to Gym which I believe it is waste of time and money for Musliah. Please advise what can we do.
    Abu Faisal

  3. assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu … heard it wasnt good to stretch before working out. I used to be heavily into the gym scene and a trainer myself, but after I became Muslim i ditched the gyms and work out at home….I never stretched before my workout. Stretching post workout is more effective and Allah knows best.

    “In the last few years, several studies have found static stretching before playing a sport makes you slower and weaker.

    And when experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention combed through more than 100 papers looking at stretching studies, they found people who stretched before exercise were no less likely to suffer injuries such as a pulled muscle, which the increased flexibility from stretching is supposed to prevent.”

  4. I love the idea, but the problem is, i have been reading some of the website’s articles, they’re great, but everything takes a very long time. For instance, i need 90 minutes before sleep, plus 90 minutes before my lectures everyday. I also need some 5 hours a week to workout, minding that i only spend very little time at home because of the lectures that literally eat up the day. If i do all of that, i won’t have any time to study. So, i just need to know how to balance?!

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  6. Great Job! I would like toknow where does HIIT fall into? strength or cardio or both? I workout about 3 days a week doing HIIT… Is that enough?

  7. Please suggest some sites where one can ‘see’ the correct method of performing strength training exercises which can be done at home.

  8. Alhamdulilahi , Allah led me to your door , my metabolism has reduced and I put on 30 pounds , but I can see what I’m doing wrong , I will do my resistance training before my cardio for about a month and get back to you, pls feel free to send me extra tips , I’m 43 yes pls