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  1. Assamalkium Sister Kara
    Thank you. I really enjoyed reading your article on how to avoid watching TV. Not for me as I have no time to watch because it is totally waste of time and it is their own media that is goven by sex in the city and all bad moral to destory our moral values and fear of Allah. We need to develop our own media and Voice of Islam TV in New Zealand where I live is the best. We need to utilise our children time through Masjid activties. I wrote an article recently entitled “When Masjid become social institution” that is another way to utilise the time for the pleasure of Allah. If you give me your email will send you this article. My wife and I are struggling hard to stop my grown up son to stop him watching TV and playing Game. We pray to Allah to give him Hadayah (put him in the Islamic pathway) as we as others to serve Islam. Ameen
    Saad Al-Harran
    Specialist in Islamic Microfinance & Youth Unemployment Reducation

    • dear brother aslamu alekum mashalah it is great to hear that you are striving in the path of Allah swt. i would recommend that you embedd a point in your son’s mind that akhira is not talk it is truth and that it will come and tell him about the joys of jannah. what i mean to say is that muslim parents do pass on the knowledge and tell their children about akhira but it is a thought that is placed in the child’s mind not belief so try to make him imagine akhira as a true point in life and jannah and jahanum ( mayAllah swt save us all from it, ameen) so he would realize that it is there to happen and inshallah with Allah swt’s grace this will make his iman stronger. tell him about the joys of jannah and that it will be given if we avoided certain joys now and give examples like if i were to tell you that you could get a mountain bike now or if you walk to school for a year i would get you a mercedes what would you prefer. hope it helps inshallah and all power is the hand of Allah swt may Allah swt put him on the right path. :)

  2. AssalamuAlaikum Warahmathullah.
    JazakAllahukhairan for the article. May Allah Azzawwajal accept it from you and allow it to be a means of Sadaqah Jariyah for you.

    I remember a Sheikh said once, that the TV, is the same thing as a friend. In other words, he gave the example of:

    The Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم Salla llahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam) said:“A good friend and a bad friend are like a perfume-seller and a blacksmith: The perfume-seller might give you some perfume as a gift, or you might buy some from him, or at least you might smell its fragrance. As for the blacksmith, he might singe your clothes, and at the very least you will breathe in the fumes of the furnace.”(Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 3, Hadith 314)In other words, If you watch good things on TV (Which will benefit you in the akhirah), it is like the perfume shop. If you watch negative things on TV, it is like the Blaksmith. SubhanAllah

  3. Alhamdulillah I got rid of TV itself many years ago, well 7 years to be exact, and since then no TV at all. I have got my exapnsive free hours back that I try to use in reading etc. before that even if i tried I would spend 2-5 hours just watching crap without knowing!

  4. As kids our parents , very well restricted our TV time and no movies. So we eventually grew up witout much attachment. To my horror , when I got married my husband was on the contrary addicted to TV and movies , the ones who after getting up before brushing switch On TV (though he prayed regularly in congregation). It was crazy with the blaring TV going on all the time wen he was there. When our daughter was born, she too started to dance to music as early as 1. I did dua to Allah (swt) to protect my child from this fitna. By the Grace of Almighty he had a change of heart. Six months down the line the cable got disconnected and today in his free time daily he is either reciting Quran or reading its translations or learning Quranic Arabic. All in six months time!!!!!!
    Dear Brothers and Sisters , there is no other way to disconnect from TV apart from throwing it out of our houses. Why to daily struggle with shaitaan who will constantly whisper to us to see it or just flip to some nonsense channel for 5 mins…we already have other struggles in life……
    This is especially to those who have internet access and can keep thmselves updated with news around them.
    All it needs is INTENTION. 1) Convince yourself that ur dunya can function without TV(all u need to survive is food , cloting shelter & not TV). But neither Dunya nor Akhirah will without Quran. 2) Do massive dua to Allah(swt) to remove this addiction from your heart. Believe me help will surely come……. Inshallah

  5. mashAllah te barak Allah and jazak Allah khair for all the time you spent writing this article it is beautiful and very helpful

  6. This is indeed a great topic…i got rid of tv by first avoiding films, when i started hating films then i slowly slowly started hating fiction serials and turned towards non-fiction serials and cooking and non-fiction shows. Then i started to mute wheneva music was played and i ended up was juss watching 4/5 channels. Eventually got rid of it, alhamdulillah.

  7. I guess this would mean cartoons, like ben ten and spiderman……becasue instead of thanking allah or praising allah they are imaginary creatures fighting imaginary creatures…..althought they may not use bad language and have mush lewdness they dont actuteach anything productive

    • Cartoons that are innocent and don’t cause a person to get their Iman lowered are not considered a haram Tv show. It is ok as a Muslim to do things we enjoy as long as it is not something Allah hates and when the companions went to the Prophet (saw) and told him that they fear they may be hypocrites because when they go to their families, they don’t think as much about the hereafter as they do when they are with the Prophet (saw) so the Prophet (saw) said : “There is a time for this and a time for that” Meaning that it is ok to do things we enjoy for fun (as long as it doesn’t displease Allah) and watching innocent cartoons with no profanity in it is no problem Inshaallah. The only think I would say is not to waist your entire day watching it! :) Enjoy your cartoons!

      • if I may comment a little here, I think that some cartoons about imaginary creatures may not do much harm for us, but some of tham may be harmful for the kids. It’s because most of the cartoons that have people with superpower in it usually get their power from an imaginary source, while as Muslims we all should believe that the source of all power is ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala. I get constantly worried whenever I notice my nephews watching this kind of cartoon, because I don’t know how it would affect his thinking. I don’t have a child myself so I’m not really knowledgeable about kids, but it troubles me to see my nieces and nephews imitate their cartoon character by reciting the spells or anything the character says to activate their power. I was like that when I was a child too and I actually believed that I could get the superpower from that imaginary source. So I didn’t fully feel and understand ALLAH’s presence up until my late teenage years. Alhamdulillah I learned more as I grow up, but I dont know about them. afraid for their Aqidah.

        • Subhan Allah, so true.

          Jazakillahu khair!
          Just to add a small point, its like whenever people are in trouble, where is Ben 10, or Superman, or Spiderman- or other such personalities that have been manufactured- continuously children are fed with the thought that Spiderman saved the world. Or when in trouble, Please save us Spiderman etc. To us, adults, it may seem inconsequential- but from the day our kids are born, we have to embed it in their hearts and soul that ONLY Allah SWT can Save us, Only He should be called to, supplicated to.
          May Allah SWT save us all from the fitna of TV, and infact internet- because all the dramas and all the movies and all this filth can be so READILY accessed on the net, astaghfirullah. It has become so easy to sin. May Allah SWT Protect us. May He Protect us, may He Protect us. Ameen, summa ameen!
          Jazakillah for the article!

      • Assalamu Alaikum,

        Is it ok to learn productivity and self-development from non-Muslim authors? How can a muslim read “Think & Grow Rich”, “The Success Principles” and implement those principles in his day to day life would it not be imitating non muslims?

  8. …I just switched off the TV and wanted to do something productive and good and hence logged on to this site.For the past few days i have been trying to get rid of the TV problem. Whenever I feel like I am entering a futile cycle I try reading something good.This article is an eye opener.Thanks for the tips.May Allah guide us to the right path

  9. Jazakallah Khair ukhti. I was determined to watch the ‘Breaking Bad’ series but your beautiful article made me think otherwise. May Allah bless your efforts.

  10. Hi!
    your artical is very good but i have a question. If i watch a movie that teaches us some kind of lessons not keeping us away from worshipping Allah as there are some movies which make us energetic and like increasing our passion i mean like some kind of fighting movies with old stories. like there are some non fiction movies based on real stories representing stories of a good patriot or a fighter. is it also wrong??

  11. Alhamdillah may Allah bless u. I was watching t v but Alhamdillah Allah (swt) suddenly helped me to come out of it by putting the fear of death . Whenever and wherever with will of Allah we all r going to die . At the time of our death ( which we dont know ) we should be doing good . If not Allah (swt ) should save we will go to hell. Just think even we cannot bear the pain of the wound created by the fire of this world . So can we afford the fire of hell.

  12. Internet can be worse than tv. The holy remembrance of Allah is the best therapy and feeling. True enjoyment is the only thing we want.

    Qur’an is the best book to read. Believe and say inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. Big blessing for Muslims who say that in distress. Thats a big part of what sabr and shukr means. To simply think and say only good words for Allah.

    Our mind needs to be in constant dhikrullah. completely freed from (the worst fitnah) idolatry. Islam (the best safety and well being) is all about tauhid. The only truly honored identity or community there is is Muslim.

    SubhanAllahi wa bihamdihi. SubhanAllah Al Azim. SubhanAllahi wa bihamdihi al Azim. Astaghfirullah wa atubu ilaihi. Allahumma salim wa barik ala nabiyyina Muhammad. La ilaha illa Allah. Always think of Yawm Al Qiyammah. Ataghfirullah. This helps even more than a blessed marriage. Dhikrullahi Akbar.

  13. Alhamdulillah. Nice article. After married I found my spouse had addicted news,sports,talkshow.still I’m suffering. I praying’s unbearable.find no solution .

    • Assalamu alaykum warahumatuillahi wabarakathuku keep praying to ALLAH SWT don’t lose your hope keep praying u will find solution in sha Allah. keep your prayer and Dua with full-hearted and keep asking Dua in the best times of Dua to be granted in sha ALLAH . talk to your spouse and show your atmost care to your spouse to come to the reality of the life. in sha ALLAH ur spouse will realise , advice your spouse with the mention of ALLAH SWT name and prophet name so it will be really effective in sha ALLAH. in sha ALLAH keep on doing ALLAH SWT always help to his servants. keep on doing doing doing its easy to say but we have to work hard ask Allah swt blessings to be focussed in your purpose. in sha ALLAH ALLAH SWT create a change in sha ALLAH be patience too don’t lose your hope and too pray for all muslims in world to lead in the straight path Ameen!

  14. Hi it’s Rashid here . Since few days I’ve started to feel that my Imaan has become weak. If was offering Salah regularly but still I’ve been getting very disturbing thoughts in my mind. Can u give me some suggestions??

    • Assalamu alaykum warahumatuillahi wabarakathuku avoid the thoughts by doing dhirk ,staying in wudhu and by positive thoughts .In the beginning it’s hard but as goes it will go off in SHA ALLAH stay strong and blessed