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  1. Im working full-time and want to take some re-exams. Any tip on how to manage studying at home? How to gain better self-discipline? I guess no sleep for me…if I want to accomplish something.

  2. Make sure to re-read lecture notes straight after the lecture! This will highlight any issues that you may need to go away and read more on and will mean that you have gone over things at least once. If lecture notes are put up online have a read so that it is not the first time you have seen the material.
    Make sure that nothing is left over into the next week, organise notes and go over work during evenings and weekends. Generally stay on top of the work.
    Also have a plan, know when deadlines are and when you want to start working towards essays or exams.

  3. that was really very helpful i am planning to take doctory in my future i think i am lucky to hang on this page .thanks productivemuslim team

  4. I found this useful but I wanted to know how to make a lecture (I’m only 12 so I don’t really know how to make on though I should) not how to prepare for one. It still had great advise and was very helpful. Inshaallah I will do well with my lecture.