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  1. In order to start ny day on a healthy and positive note I go for a walk in the morning and while I’m walking I listen to the Quran on my ipod!

  2. your article is very nice!but can u tak some exercises and some techniques for time management and dealing with stress from our prophetic  hadiths and our prophet’s teachings!!

  3. This article really does resonate in me masha Allah. Putting away this feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where you are going is very hard but al Hamdoullilah, I’m going step by step and I feel I’m making progress! The main thing I do and which works for me is that I always try to thing of “what could possibly happen if I fail at what I do”… Very often, the answer is “I’ll be disapointed but well, Al Hamdoullilah I’m still healthy, I have my family, what more can I ask for?!

    It is very effective :-)

  4. Ever since school ended and summer started, I began listening to Islamic lectures all day. I wouldn’t watch TV, go out with my friends, or even spend quality time with my family. At least during school i would have to go to class and i would see my cousins everyday.
    Yes, it is important to read Quran, and care for your religion. But you have to take it easy. or else you’ll go through what i went through. I felt so much tension and anxiety. also i was overwhelmed every time i would listen to a single second of a lecture. so take it easy you don’t have to do it all in one weekend or one summer. May Allah make it easy for us.

  5. This article helped me alhamdulillah so jzk for this.
    But i think im not going to be able to relax in my life anyway… Because i have a lot of tasks to do and it makes me lazy after some time. I cant fight with that.