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  1. Great article Masha’Allah. I really like the idea of having a checker. May Allah reward you for this helpful advice.

  2. Allhumdulilah a very useful and well written article. May Allah make it easy for you and increase you in ability so you can write more Islamic-based literary for many more years to come inshAllah! Ameen.

    • Ameen Jawad Bhai! Jazak’Allah for the Dua, I will ensure I carry on writing and contribute to the development of other people’s lives insha’Allah :)

  3. Every Muslim has a good behavior but under one circumstance, he must have a SELF DESPLINE which control PERSON.

    • Awesome Bro Rajaa!! Remember WHY you’re setting this resolution in the first place, keep reminding yourself, and insha Allah that will motivate you to reach your target! :)

  4. Wow subhanallah, Sister Safina what a profatic article. May Allah (swt) fulfill all of your dreamsdesires to spread the deen inshallah. You are such an insiration to have to do it. Its all about determination an faith in Allah (swt) go well my child Khuda Hafeez from sunny South Africa wassaam

    • Ameen! Jazak Allah Khair for the nice comments Sunny Bhai! I’ll try my best to follow my own advice and you try to do it too insha Allah! Allah Hafiz :)

  5. Aoa,

    This has been so very helpful. May Allah reward you for writing for the ummah. We don’t realise the power of a word written or said, it has the power to change the life of masses.
    Keep writing such good articles

    • W/Salaam! JazakAllah! I’m pleased to know that you found it helpful. I agree with you, writing is extremely important, no one quite understands the power it has to make people understand things and rectify their ways. Insha’Allah I will continue writing and try my level best to firstly implement that change within myself before advising my brothers and sisters to act accordingly. :)

    • Ameen! Jazak’Allah khair for the beautiful Dua! I pray that Allah (swt) guides us all to the straight path and we follow the example of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allahu Aleyhi Wasalam) so that we can gain His pleasure insha’Allah :)

    • Jazak’Allah! I try my best to motivate myself, seeing all these nice comments is in itself enough to motivate me to carry on writing insha’Allah! :)

  6. Thank you so much sis, it is just what I needed right know. I just made a list of things I wanted to learn about Islam yesterday, like the tafseer of Quran, seerah of our Prophet SAW, seerah of the Sahabas RA, a series on all 99 attributes of Allah, memorizing supplication & even a bit of Arabic grammar….. & the list just went on & on. And even though I was so excited at the start of making the list, I became overwhelmed by the end of it, because I didn’t feel like I could accomplish it all. But seeing this article pop up in my e-mail today was the perfect boost to help me get started on that list & stay on track!! I’ve already completed part, which, as you said was the hardest part!! So excited. Jazakallah Khairun sis.

    • Alhamdulillah that’s great news sis! Remember its the little steps which make the big difference, even if you reach half of your target this year and the rest next year, its still okay! Keep the motivation levels high, if you have friends/family who have set the same resolution, then have a competition with them to see who can reach it first! A bit of healthy competition usually helps with these things! All the best! May Allah (swt) make it easy for you :)