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  1. So true! I especially like the one about writing down your goals. It sounds so easy but actually sitting down, thinking about what you want to accomplish and putting it into words is much harder. However, in order to actually accomplish any goal, you have to transform these swirling thoughts in your mind into an action plan. The first plan is to write it down. Great article, thanks!

  2. Assalamualaikum, I need help to become an excuse breaker because I am an excuse maker. :(

    May Allah SWT help and guide us all. Ameen.

  3. Assalamoualaikoum, 
    Thank you for the awesome article, but I just wanted to add a point.

    Waking up at Fajer time or before sunrise to pray Soub’h or Fajer is essential, because it adds barakah (Blessing) to your day so you become more productive and it also builds confidence and strengthens your imaan. Sobhana’llah there was a reason allah placed the first prayer before your day started. 
    thanks !