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  1. what a helpful post! getting to places on time is of course, very important but sometimes it’s the people around you who are not worried about time. And about insha’allah, it has gone from meaning “If Allah wills” to “i really don’t want to give you an answer right now so i’m saying insha’allah”

  2. As Salamu Alikum,

    I just wanted to add that True Muslim Standard Time will only be possible if we are practicing our deen to it’s fullest. Waking up for Fajr Salah and praying all our Salah in Masajid is one of the habits we can develop to be time concious. If I don’t have the inner fear that I will lose my prayer in Masajid, or miss that promise, then how will I be on Muslim Standard Time.

  3. Salam alikum:
    This is a geart article, thanks to Allah, there are a few brothers how care about time and use time properly. Great ideas.

  4. 11. Do have a realistic daily activities schedule and don’t jam-pack your day with appointments even when it is clear you would not be able to meet up! …only to console your victims(or actually yourself) in advance with an “In sha Allah.”

  5. something, i can relate to sadly :
    “Don’t succumb to the “In-sha-Allah Syndrome.” Use In-sha-Allah only when you know you mean it”

    Hope to change myself.