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    • This article and this page “Productive Muslim” is all I needed today! very very helpful jazakallah K’her. I think I will need to tweek just some of the suggestions a bit. I have an executive position job and when I first come in the morning, replying to e-mails is a must rather than a mid-morning/early afternoon task. Also, I find it very difficult to come home and think about what I will do the next day for work. I rather finish that at work and come home to my family without even thinking about work. All in all, an excellent article and may Allah reward you for it.

  1. Excellent tips, masha’Allah! I find thesame with ProdM.I keep checking it for new articles and productivity tips…little realising that I’m actually losing out on productivity. But insha’Allah, I will put this one into practice from tomorrow onwards. Jazakallahu khair.

  2. MashaAllah, JazakAllah, brother keep them coming… it was great!
    For college/uni students, i guess, you have to twist it aound the schedule. Most of the classes are in the morning, so one resorts to late night sudy hours. Is that against productivity?

    • @Sunds – Even for college/uni students, I’d still recommend an early morning start. Don’t sleep after fajr but use that time to either read up on lecture notes, revise or finish off assignments. Head off to Lecture, pray duha at uni if you can, back home for lunch//dhuhur if possible (otherwise at campus). I’d also highly recommend a 20 minute nap you should take right after or before Dhuhur, it’ll keep your mind alert for the next half of the day.

      When you get home, relax for an hour, have something to eat, pray maghreb/isha (depending when you’re back) and do a maximum of 90 minute working. Then hit the bed early, ready for an early start next morning. Hope this helps!

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  4. Very Good tips MashAllah.. but when u said that we’ll be more productive after the Salah inshAllah,,then you also mention in the brackets that make sure that you are productive.. i dont quite get this point…

    JazakAllah Khair

    • I believe the brackets meant that if you try to explain to others (those who think that Salah is a waste of time) that you are more productive after Salah, you must make sure you actually are – don’t let yourself become distracted after making such a statement because then you’ll be “proving” yourself wrong in the eyes of those people.

  5. MashaAllah.. JazakAllak, Found this a very useful one … May the almighty grant you all that is good!

  6. Jazakullah khair for these tips.
    How do you recommend planning your morning in summer months? (for UK and parts of USA Isha is 10-11pm and Fajr is 2-3am)

  7. Great tips brother, your post was informative and concise it is very useful. At work this is how I stay productive I list my entire tasks, organize it depends on priority level, set an estimated amount of time when working on each task. I actually automate it all with the help of this time management tool. Working online often makes you vulnerable to distractions such as social networking sites, games, casino and etc. The key that I can follow scheduled task and finish it on time is through with discipline. It also helps me stay focus on tasks and ignore work distractions. I would say that with the right tools and discipline it can help you stay productive at work.

  8. ya akhi, thanks for the great advice! but it seems that only MIT technique that suits me at this moment as I’m working on 12 hours shift, i.e. 12pm till 12 am..any advice for such roster schedule? syukran

  9. MashaAllah amazing advice, planning on being more productive this year. Also I’d be absolutely grateful if there was an article or something on methods of revising/absorbing max info in a short span of time into the long-term memory etc. Including obviously Islamic teachings jzk

  10. Jasak Allahu chairan. Thanks for this advices. This works fine in spring/ autumn, but what do you do in summer, when Fajr is very early (4 am) and Isha very late (11 pm) or in winter, when Fajr is very late (6.30 am)?